A Call to Action for Businesses Using AI – Ethically Aligned Design for Business

In this paper, you will find a straightforward overview of the value and necessity of utilizing AI ethics for businesses, recommendations for creating a sustainable culture of AI ethics, the skills required to do this, and how to hire and staff for such an effort. We have also included an AI Ethics Readiness Framework to help you determine how prepared you are to introduce and grow AI ethics in your business. This is the first paper in the Ethically Aligned Design for Business series created by The IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems (A/IS). More than a dozen industry experts have provided insights in the following pages based on their front-line experiences as AI ethics thought leaders and practitioners in their organizations. By relating the recommendations within Ethically Aligned Design to their industry efforts, our committee members provide, for inspiration and mutual learning, pragmatic applications of AI ethics inspired by IEEE’s global community of academics, data scientists, engineers, and tech entrepreneurs. For more information on this and similar topics visit https://ethicsinaction.ieee.org/.

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