About the New Standards Committee (NesCom)

New Standards Committee (NesCom)

NesCom is responsible for ensuring that proposed standards projects are within the scope and purpose of IEEE, assigned to the proper Society or other organizational body, and interested parties are appropriately represented in the development of IEEE standards.

The committee examines Project Authorization Requests (PARs) and makes recommendations to the IEEE SA Standards Board regarding approval.

About NesCom Members

NesCom is comprised of at least 12 but no more than 18 IEEE SA members.

2023 Roster

Lei Wang Chair
Guido Hiertz Vice Chair
Johnny Lin Vice Chair
Sara Biyabani Gui Liu
Xiaofeng (Alfred) Chen Daleep Mohla
Doug Edwards Andrew Myles
Ramy Fathy Annette Reilly
Wei Hong Daidi Zhong
Howard Li
Dave Ringle

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