Standards Adoption

National Adoption of IEEE Standards

Global technologies and platforms advanced by IEEE Standards are relevant throughout the entire world. IEEE Standards provide a framework to help protect public safety, promote innovation, grow markets, contribute to a sustainable future, and much more. Their impact and use is global.

To facilitate the widespread usage of IEEE Standards and the exchange of fast-moving technologies, IEEE maintains a robust standards adoption program.

IEEE Standards Adoption Program for National Standards Bodies

National Standards Bodies adopt IEEE Standards in order to:

  • Promote interoperability and harmonization under royalty-free conditions
  • Reference essential standards in regulations
  • Maximize the use of resources by leveraging existing standards to address local needs

An adoption agreement with IEEE is required for National Standards Bodies to adopt IEEE Standards. The agreement addresses the terms around the adoption process, identical or modified adoption, possibility to translate, and distribution of adopted standards.

If you are interested in adopting IEEE standards or wish to learn more about the adoption of IEEE Standards, please contact [email protected].

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