Call For Nominations

The Nomination Period is 1 February – 31 July.

The IEEE SA Awards and Recognition Committee (ArCom) is responsible for the administration of awards presented by IEEE SA. For questions about the process, email [email protected].

The IEEE SA Awards Process

The information below describes the criteria and step-by-step instructions on submitting an IEEE SA awards nomination:

Submitting Your Nomination

  • Identify 3-5 endorsers for the candidate. Endorsers will receive an auto-generated email upon final submission of the online nomination form. Nominators are encouraged to contact endorsers ahead of time to inform them of the upcoming endorsement request. Possible endorsers include professional colleagues or fellow volunteers. Letters that comment knowledgeably on the impact of the candidate’s specific achievements are helpful, and endorsers are encouraged to provide any information that would be relevant to the nominee’s candidacy. For example, endorsers may answer the following general questions:
    • What are the candidate’s contributions that are deserving of recognition?
    • What is your relationship to the candidate, and how have you gained your knowledge of his/her contributions to the development of standards products?
    • How has the candidate demonstrated leadership in identifying opportunities to better serve the needs of standards users?
    • If possible, please document the business, economic, and/or technical impact of the candidate’s contributions.
  • If possible, please do not inform candidates that they are under consideration, since a limited number of recipients are chosen each year from among several worthy individuals.


  • Nominees, nominators, and endorsers cannot currently be:
    • An employee of IEEE
    • An independent contractor to IEEE who is providing services to IEEE SA
    • A voting member of the IEEE SA Board of Governors
    • A current member of ArCom
    • Nominee cannot be deceased (no posthumous nominations).
    • Nominee cannot self nominate.
    • Nominee cannot have previously received an award in the category for which the nomination is submitted.

Thank you for your interest in the IEEE SA Awards. Your nomination continues the tradition of honoring outstanding participation in standards development activities.

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