IEEE Conformity Assessment Program (ICAP)

The ICAP Advantage

ICAP develops and implements programs that couple standards development activities with conformity assessment activities to help accelerate market adoption while reducing implementation costs. Consumers, manufacturers, service providers, value-added resellers and businesses expect product reliability, efficiency, and interoperability. ICAP programs address these needs and offer these benefits:

  • Confidence and assurance that a product or service conforms or complies to IEEE or industry standards
  • Potential reduction of testing burdens on manufacturers that may have to meet multiple buyers’ or end-users’ test programs
  • Conformity assessment and certification programs enable seamless implementation and successful deployments of multiple technologies
  • ICAP certified products ensure that key functionality is implemented while providing interoperability across multiple vendors’ solutions
  • Enables trade and use across state and international boundaries with the assurance of operating safely, reliably and within certain measurable performance criteria
  • Potential to foster an advantageous position in a competitive environment

Engage with ICAP

ICAP develops well-defined processes and procedures, which are designed to evaluate and confirm product features and functionality defined by standards. ICAP partners with IEEE Standards Working Groups, test laboratories, and other key stakeholders (i.e., utilities, telecom operators, manufacturers, etc.) to develop industry appropriate, comprehensive and robust conformity assessment programs, which meet well-defined processes and metrics.

Extensive Program Support

  • ICAP is a facilitator and administrator of certification programs.
  • Full oversight for testing and certification activities
  • Certificate issuance
  • Development and management of test plans, test suites and certification schemes
  • Maintenance of certified products registry
  • Test laboratory assessment and authorization
  • Technical and logistical support services to industry groups executing interoperability demonstrations of specific technologies related to IEEE standards
  • Educating IEEE Working Groups on conformity assessment to ensure conformity assessment is injected early in the standards development process
  • Development of customized conformity assessment programs that meet industry needs
  • Defining and designing conformity assessment best practices


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