Precision Time Protocol – Power Profile

Precision Time Protocol — Power Profile

Data Trading System InitiativeThe IEEE 1588 Power Profile Certification Program provides the power industry with a means of confidently implementing the IEEE 1588™-2008 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) in the electrical grid. PTP is capable of establishing a common time reference and synchronization across a system for realizing the applications that will ensure the reliability and resiliency of the grid of the future. The IEEE Conformity Assessment Program (ICAP) in collaboration with industry stakeholders, have come together to develop a certification program that allows vendors to demonstrate that clocks meet the requirements of the PTP standard and its associated power profile specific parameters; IEEE C37.238-2017 and IEC/IEEE 61850-9-3 2016.

The IEEE 1588 Power Profile Conformance Test Suite Specification (TSS) was developed specifically for demonstrating conformance with the PTP Power Profile standards. The TSS is freely available for download here.

Manufacturers interested certification can contact ICAP at [email protected]. Certified products will be listed on the ICAP Product Registry and be eligible for use of the IEEE 1588 Power Profile Certification Mark.

* Note: Products submitted for certification must supply a test report from an ICAP Accredited Test Lab

IEEE 1588 Power Profile Certification Steering Committee

The IEEE 1588 Power Profile Certification Steering Committee (CSC) is comprised of notable experts from Utilities, Manufacturers, Test Labs and Academia specialized in the field of timing and network synchronization for power systems networks. The CSC’s consensus based vision drives the certification program’s development. Participating CSC member benefits include:

  • Access to all drafted and published documentation, including TSS
  • Voting rights on key program decisions
  • Access to expert knowledge and networking opportunities
  • Recognition as a committee member on IEEE platforms and program publications

For more information on how to join the CSC please click below.

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