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The IEEE SA is building an ecosystem of interested stakeholders from across the globe to address the need for robust, responsible and affordable wired/wireless platforms while providing improved and reliable connectivity to meet the ever-increasing data needs through the creation of the Connectivity & Telecom Practice.


Trusted Decentralized Networking Towards 6G Era

Trusted decentralized networking is necessary for the 6G era, which will offer significant advancements in network capacity and data transmission rates. A decentralized system will be able to provide on demand network connectivity, computing, and storage capabilities, supporting intelligent decision making at different levels. To accommodate the massive amounts of data that will converge into 6G and the Internet, trusted decentralized infrastructure must be built using various technologies such as blockchain, privacy computing, and information-centric networking. This infrastructure will be critical for applications such as smart cities, digital finance, smart oceans, smart healthcare, and smart manufacturing in the 6G era.

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Strengthening Telecom Standardization Activities in India

The goal of the IC activity is to bring together all the stakeholders (policy, regulator, service provider and technologies across telecom sector in India) to create a viable systematic and meaningful roadmap in contributing and collaborating with the IEEE Standards activities in India. Through this Industry connections program, IEEE would like to involve all the stakeholders and organizational units of DoT in identifying standard projects, publishing white papers,and technology focused workshops.

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Sustainability for Connectivity & Telecom Systems

This Industry Connections (IC) activity is focused on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) standards, products, services, and organizations, to help communities from rural and urban areas become more sustainable, through reliable, environmentally conscious communications and computing technologies.

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6G Technology for Connectivity & Telecom Systems

The high-level vision for 6G is to deepen the connection and integration between the digital, physical, and human worlds, and introduce new capabilities far beyond the limits of 5G. This industry Connections (IC) activity aims to help advance the development and applications of 6G technology.

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Cyber Security for Next Generation Connectivity Systems

Aiming to build a community to discuss cyber security issues and rethink architectures to address critical market needs, this IC activity proposes five architecture principles or baseline realities to create more secure and trusted digital platforms.

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Transforming the Telehealth Paradigm Industry Connections Activity

This IC activity will provide a platform for the global community to openly collaborate, build consensus, and develop technical solutions to challenges impeding trust and validation of telehealth.

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Open RAN (Radio Access Network) Industry Connections Activity

This IC activity will develop a structured sustainable framework/guideline to address the deployment, interoperability, configuration and fault management, and performance issues of the Open RAN architecture.

Join the activity in enabling next-generation RAN infrastructures.

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Rural Communications Industry Connections Activity

Join this activity to help contribute toward the goal of global digital inclusion by developing solutions for rural and remote areas using suitable technologies. Rural areas of countries continue to be sparsely covered and are not considered as a viable business case by telecommunication operators. Recent growth of teledensity in urban areas, fueled by mobile technology, has meant that the digital gap between rural and urban areas has widened.

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A Transdisciplinary Framework for 5G, Future Networks Applications, and Services

Today’s communication architectures are typically designed in a bottom-up approach, requiring the applications to fit the underlying physical layer (PHY). This fragmented landscape is difficult to introduce newer components and applications. An Industry Connections (IC) program was formed to develop a transdisciplinary framework that incorporates cross-domain services and applications into one flexible, scalable, and sustainable ecosystem.

Join this IC program in breaking industry silos for 5G and future networks.

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Hybrid Quantum-Inspired Internet Protocol

This Industry Connections (IC) activity aims to address the emerging need for a standardized framework for a Hybrid Quantum-Inspired Internet Protocol. With the rapid advancements in quantum technologies and the growing demand for enhanced internet security, scalability, and efficiency, there’s a pressing need to establish a coherent and standardized protocol that bridges the gap between conventional internet protocols and Quantum-Inspired technologies.

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Data Quality Standards of Electronic Health Records Workgroup

There is a lack of a common convergence layer that would enable universal application interoperability of Electronic Health Records. The goal of this activity is to develop recommendations for a proposed family of standards that would address application interoperability to enable more entities (i.e., patients, caregivers, etc.) to have visibility for assessing the accuracy of EHR data thereby delivering higher quality medical records.

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Practice Lead Purva Rajkotia provides a brief overview of the Connectivity & Telecom Practice and the initiatives for 2021.


Rural Communications

The goal of the workstream is to provide connectivity to the unconnected and under connected population of the world.

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Consumer Communications

The goal of the workstream is to provide connectivity to the evolving higher throughput, lower latency applications.

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Industrial Communications

The goal of the workstream is to provide connectivity to the critical, time sensitive industrial/IOT applications.

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Featured Standards and Projects

IEEE 802®

Standards for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks Series

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IEEE P1941.1™

Recommended Practice for Internet Grades of Service in Rural Areas

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IEEE P2872™

IEEE P2872™ Standard for Interoperable and Secure Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Infrastructure and Architecture

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Purva Rajkotia, Practice Lead; Director, Global Business Strategic Initiatives (GBSI)


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