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IEEE SA Training + Development programs foster individual and organizational effectiveness and enable the success of our volunteers.

Through its offerings, IEEE SA Training + Development, helps our volunteers participate effectively in standards development activities. Our goal is to empower volunteers with the knowledge they need to help ensure their success by delivering quality, relevant, and timely information on topics essential to their roles and responsibilities. Through the sharing of best practices for standards development, we are helping to prepare the leaders of tomorrow.

All volunteer training opportunities are accessible via IEEE’s Learning Network (ILN). Visit ILN today to enroll in any one of the many courses developed for IEEE SA volunteers.

Reminder to Complete Required Training for IEEE SA Standards Committee Officers and Working Group Officers

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Data Privacy Awareness for IEEE SA Activities: Identifying and Safeguarding Personal Information Course

Understanding the policies and procedures for using and protecting data in your role within the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) is critical, and this 45-minute eLearning course provides you with a practical overview of the principles, and practices for collecting and using personal data, keeping IEEE’s information safe, and supporting a secure work environment, while expanding your knowledge of many of the key terms and concepts of data privacy and data management.

Access course at no charge from the IEEE Learning Network.

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IEEE Standards Association. The IEEE SA Copyright Policy

IEEE SA Standards Copyright Policy Course

The IEEE SA Copyright Policy course provides guidance and tools to help those participating in IEEE SA activities navigate the copyright challenges they may encounter. Whether you are responsible for managing compliance, obtaining permissions, organizing your Working Group’s various Contributions, or managing the content to be included in a standard, IEEE SA’s Copyright Policy training will help you navigate the complexities successfully.

Access course at no charge from the IEEE Learning Network.

IEEE SA Editorial Guidance Hub

The goal of the IEEE SA Content Production & Management (CPM) team is to help make drafting your working group’s standard an easy and rewarding process, by providing professional end-to-end publication support. IEEE standards strive to be the best in class and the CPM team wants to help your draft achieve that benchmark by providing you with tools that lighten the authoring burden, leaving you the time necessary to focus on creating world-class technical material and high-quality IEEE standards. The IEEE SA Editorial Guidance Hub provides editorial guidance on both foundational concepts as well as access to the tools and techniques you will need for quality draft development.

Visit the IEEE SA Editorial Guidance Hub for all your standards drafting needs!

Access course at no charge from the IEEE Learning Network.

IEEE SA Standards Editorial Guidance Pub Hub
IEEE Standards Association. Working Group Chair Fundamentals. Volunteer Training Initiative.

Working Group Chair Fundamentals Course

For new and aspiring Working Group Chairs, Working Group Chair Fundamentals provides a comprehensive set of tools that can be applied immediately in the administration of a Working Group. Training content was developed by some of IEEE SA’s top minds and is anchored with the experiences of successful Working Group Chairs who have brought Working Groups together to produce some of IEEE’s best-known standards. As a result, both current and rising Working Group Chairs and participants will benefit from focused, intentional thinking about what success will look like for their tenure as Working Group Chair.

Access Course in English and Mandarin.

A training solution for leaders at all levels, from first-time participants to senior SA members.

Understanding IEEE SA's Antitrust, Competition, and Commercial Terms Policies Course

IEEE and IEEE SA rules and policies govern IEEE standards development, but IEEE’s standards development activities must also comply with the laws in jurisdictions in which IEEE conducts its activities. Nearly all countries and jurisdictions around the world have “antitrust” or “competition” laws. These laws are designed to help keep markets competitive by prohibiting anti competitive agreements and abuse of dominant market positions.

Access the course at no charge in English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese.

IEEE Standards Association. Understanding IEEE SA's Antitrust, Competition, and Commercial Terms Policies
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