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Impact through Open Source

Open source has changed the landscape of technology development, speeding innovation and enabling radical advancements in the way we live, work and communicate. It has also impacted the standards world, providing opportunities for dynamic new collaborations that can further advance and improve technology. Aligned with IEEE’s mission, values, and body of work, IEEE SA Open supports standards through building communities of technology collaboration.

About IEEE SA Open

IEEE SA Open is a comprehensive open source development platform designed to bring together:

  • The power of robust, familiar open source development tools with IEEE’s unparalleled network, technical expertise and resources that empower independent software developers, startups, projects, foundations and industry organizations around the world to create, test, manage and deploy projects in a collaborative, safe and responsible environment.
  • Global standards development and open-source developer communities working to accelerate the development and adoption of technical solutions.
  • People and organizations that have common goals to drive innovation for technological advancements that positively impact the way people live, work, and communicate.

Why IEEE SA Open?

IEEE SA Open is a comprehensive open source development platform that promotes diversity and inclusiveness. We foster community success with a strong infrastructure, tech support, and training. IEEE SA Open helps bridge the gap between global standards, corporations, not-for-profits, government, academia, and open-source communities with experienced and neutral governance.

Benefits of IEEE SA Open include:

  • “Open” governance model to help guide participants through development, testing, management and deployment of innovative projects
  • Access to a diverse community of IEEE members from across many technical disciplines and fields
  • Grounded in an organization deeply experienced in facilitating technological research, advancement, and change for decades
  • Aligned with IEEE’s principles of openness, transparency, consensus and inclusion

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Open Source

Open Source and Age Appropriate Design Principles

14 September 2023 | Webinar

Leveraging Open Source to enable the age appropriate design principles into the foundation of the online world.

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AI Brain

Serious Open Source for the Benefit of Humanity SOSH 2023

1-2 November 2023 | Mountain View, CA

Open source is helping to shape the future of several industries, including IT, Business Operations, Finance, AI and Machine Learning, and more. Hear case studies from your own industry and learn how other industries are leveraging Open Source to inspire innovation in your own company.

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Support and Service Options Customized for Your Needs

IEEE SA Open Community

Use the IEEE SA Open Platform with a FREE account to create, manage, and collaborate with projects. You and your team can contribute to open source projects, and leverage our governance and licensing at no cost.

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IEEE SA Open Venture

With the IEEE’s decades of knowledge and resources, we enable leaders to launch their organization in a matter of weeks instead of months. We handle the legal, logistical, licensing, branding, management, and community activities so you only have to focus on the technical work.

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IEEE SA Open Philanthropy

You can support a specific technology or topic in open source that benefits humanity through donations made to our fund. A custom technology community is created inside of the IEEE SA Open Platform for your organization and is customized to help your technological needs.

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The IEEE SA Open Ecosystem

IEEE SA Open delivers the features and support you need to build and expand your project from the ground up. It’s secure, easy to get started and comes with a range of integrated capabilities and services. Increase your project’s visibility, drive adoption, and grow your community by making the IEEE SA Open the home for your next project.


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