Distributor Partner Program

Enhance Your Bottom Line and Connect Your Customers to IEEE Standards and Products.

Existing Distributor Partners

IEEE Standards are used around the world to help industries and companies open business opportunities, generate public and customer trust, build order in the marketplace and enhance safety in numerous electrical and technology fields. Online subscriptions can maximize research and development efforts with unlimited access to the most comprehensive collections of IEEE standards in various industries.

Standards help fuel the development and implementation of technologies that influence and transform the way we live, work and communicate. Giving your customers access to IEEE standards provides them with the gateway to the most vital information in the industry today.

With more than 1,200 published standards and 900+ projects underway, your customers will be able to access IEEE documents through your branded platforms and web stores. The IEEE Distributor Partner Program gives you the ability to become an authorized provider of single standards as well as access to collections of standards based on various categories. You can provide access options via subscription, or have the ability to build out custom packages for your customers as needed.

IEEE Products Available through the Distributor Partner Program

IEEE published standards, drafts, family sets and collections are all available as part of the Distributor Partner Program in various formats:

  • Print-on-Demand
  • Electronic (PDF)
  • Hard copy material (inventoried items)
  • Redline Standards
  • Custom Collections — choose the products relevant to your customer base

Browse available standards:

Note: Digital Rights Management (DRM)* (Some products may require DRM) The primary product offer in this program are IEEE Standards.

Getting Started as a Distributor

  1. Contact us with your request to become an IEEE Standards Distributor
  2. Review and accept the terms, conditions, and technical requirements of the program
  3. Sign the contract
  4. Establish launch date
  5. Ongoing email communications
    • Email notifications of new and revised standards sent to your designated contact
    • Daily automated feed of product updates and new standards

Once you have contacted IEEE SA and have signed a contract to become a Distributor, we will assist in setting up your integration of IEEE products into your online store. Technical support and assistance will be provided upon request.

For more information, download the Overview & Process information (PDF).

Still have questions? View our FAQs on the SA Distributor Support Portal.

IEEE Standards Licensees

Below is a complete list of licensed/authorized distributors of IEEE products. Someone not on the list, let us know at [email protected].


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