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Global Web3 Technology Industry Ecological Development Report

This report asserts that Web3 is not just a simple innovation at the application layer of the internet but a comprehensive evolution and systematic upgrade of the internet architecture as a whole. The World Wide Web (Web) provided a graphical and user-friendly interface for users to search and browse web…

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The Industrial Metaverse Report

The Industrial Metaverse is an important application area within the Metaverse. The concept of the Industrial Metaverse is relatively cutting-edge, involving complex technologies and diverse industry types. The industrial ecosystem of the Metaverse has not yet been fully established and perfected, but the exploration of applications related to the Industrial…

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Application and Future Planning for Standard Knowledge Graph

This paper introduces the development directions of digitized standards of international organizations and the situations of digitized standards in relevant countries, with a focus on a detailed analysis of the principle, construction, and application of a standard-oriented knowledge graph. A future plan is also made for digitized standards and for…

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IEEE and the Protection of Cyberspace: Increasing IEEE’s Cybersecurity Role

Dependence on technology is growing, particularly since the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, the safe use of technology depends on cybersecurity, which is failing to keep up. This failure can derail the global benefits that humanity should achieve from cyberspace and its technologies. Some four million professionals work in the cybersecurity field.…

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Fiber Attach Technology White Paper

Optical interconnects are critical to providing reliable and energy efficient data transfer between active and passive devices that are pervasive in data centers, telecommunications, transportation, and many emerging sectors and use-case scenarios. There currently are no standard metrics for assessing the overall performance of these connections. This white paper is…

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A Transdisciplinary Strategic Approach to Implementing an Effective Hospital-At-Home Framework

The rise in the incidence of global pandemics and climate catastrophes demonstrates that the demand for healthcare services is stretched beyond what services can be effectively provided. Even with increased healthcare spending in recent years in the United States and worldwide, access to healthcare resources has declined for many. To…

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Indian Language Resources--Text Processing Subcommittee Report

A lot of research has been done on different NLP tasks and standards both internationally and in Indian languages (ILs). Much software has been built around these tasks and widely used in products. However, often different research and product groups have created different standards to address the problem. This often…

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Indian Language Resources--Speech Subcommittee Report

This report summarizes the findings and recommendations of the speech subcommittee of the IEEE prestandardization effort on standards for Indian language resources. Speech processing technology is all about recognizing spoken words. Technologies like language detection, speech transcription, speech synthesis, etc., are part of speech processing technology. In the context of…

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Indian Language Resources--Evaluation Subcommittee Report

This report summarizes the findings and recommendations of the evaluation subcommittee of the IEEE prestandardization effort on standards for Indian language resources and evaluation for speech and language technology. Evaluation is a crucial aspect of any system. There are several generic challenges for the evaluation of speech and language technology,…

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Indian Language Resources--Accessibility Subcommittee Report

This report of the subgroup on information and communication technology (ICT) accessibility is part of per-standardization studies for Indian language resources. It was initiated with industry consultation of IEEE Standards activity to pool expertise across government, industry, and academia. This report provides a brief introduction of the significance of accessibility…

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