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Indian Language Resources--Text Processing Subcommittee Report

A lot of research has been done on different NLP tasks and standards both internationally and in Indian languages (ILs). Much software has been built around these tasks and widely used in products. However, often different research and product groups have created different standards to address the problem. This often…

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Indian Language Resources--Speech Subcommittee Report

This report summarizes the findings and recommendations of the speech subcommittee of the IEEE prestandardization effort on standards for Indian language resources. Speech processing technology is all about recognizing spoken words. Technologies like language detection, speech transcription, speech synthesis, etc., are part of speech processing technology. In the context of…

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Indian Language Resources--Evaluation Subcommittee Report

This report summarizes the findings and recommendations of the evaluation subcommittee of the IEEE prestandardization effort on standards for Indian language resources and evaluation for speech and language technology. Evaluation is a crucial aspect of any system. There are several generic challenges for the evaluation of speech and language technology,…

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Indian Language Resources--Accessibility Subcommittee Report

This report of the subgroup on information and communication technology (ICT) accessibility is part of per-standardization studies for Indian language resources. It was initiated with industry consultation of IEEE Standards activity to pool expertise across government, industry, and academia. This report provides a brief introduction of the significance of accessibility…

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A Template for Building an Integrated Multisector Smart Logistics Ecosystem

This paper introduces the diverse players in the smart logistics ecosystem with case studies from some of the players on how they have contributed and impacted the smart logistics ecosystem.

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Standard Operating Procedure for Digital Commerce in Least Developed Countries

This paper explains the importance of making sure that operationalization digital commerce policy and strategy goes hand in hand with the continued strengthening of the legal and regulatory framework for digital commerce, including addressing concerns over safety and security, data protection and privacy, consumer protection, reliability of payment systems, and…

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Guidelines for Resilient Food Supplies During Crisis and Emergency Situations

This paper focuses on best practices and guidelines for ensuring resilient and sustainable food supply chain systems during crises and emergencies, as the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing wars have exacerbated the global food crisis. Urgent actions are needed to ensure that nutritious food is delivered to the most vulnerable.

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Holistic Multidimensional Guidelines: Implementing Resilient E-Education Ecosystems In Rural Areas

This document presents holistic multidimensional guidelines for implementing sustainable, effective and resilient e-education ecosystems in rural areas. These guidelines are based on a series of studies conducted by the eWorldwide Group and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers--Standards Association that have been engaging with multiple stakeholders in developing a…

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Holistic Multidimensional Guidelines: Comparative Analysis: E-Education Standards, Guidelines, and Toolkits

This document examines the existing standards, policy guidelines, and toolkits to determine their efficiency and sufficiency for a new imagined modality of teaching and learning. Apart from those of the UNs Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), standards, guidelines, and toolkits from Nepal, Nigeria, and the United Kingdom (UK) are…

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Holistic Implementation Framework: Resilient E-Education Ecosystems

This document provides an implementation framework for developing sustainable, effective and resilient e-education ecosystems in rural areas. The implementation framework is made up of four critical components that are fundamental to the design and development of a holistic, resilient e-education ecosystem. The four critical components are: (i) technical; (ii) human…

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