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Domain-Specific Use Cases for ROOF (Realtime Onsite Operations Facilitation) Computing Framework

The ROOF framework has been designed to provide innovation, reuse, better user experience, security by design, for harmonizing horizontal as well as vertical integration for the Internet of Things ecosystem. This white paper focuses on real-world applications for the ROOF and how it delivers value for the citizens, government, and…

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Concepts for Classification of Adaptive Instructional Systems

This white paper gives a brief introduction to conceptual classification of high-level functional components of adaptive instructional systems identified by the project group, and a proposed model for classifying AISs based on levels of adaptivity. It is offered as a frame for current and future standards development, baseline concepts to…

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Security for Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications for Unmanned Aircraft Systems

The security aspects of V2V communications in UAS addressed by IEEE P1920.2 are delineated in this paper. Those include the architecture of communication interfaces, authentication of V2V parties, cryptographic key management, and zero trust architecture.

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Use Cases for Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) Communications for Unmanned Aircraft Systems

The purpose of this paper is to look at the various use cases for UAVs and how these different cases impact the ability of UAVs to communicate with other UAVs. This paper expects UAVs to be complementary to ground communication (General Aviation Manufacturers Association, executive summary) to fulfill their operational…

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Spectrum Considerations for Vehicle-To-Vehicle Communications for UnManned Aircraft Systems

This white paper provides a broad overview of potential communication technology and spectrum usage options for unmanned aerial systems (UAS). This paper particularly focuses on the detect and avoid (DAA) or collision avoidance (CA) use case, in line with the vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) use case white paper…

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Example Applications of IEEE Std 2846-2022 to Formal Safety-Related Models

While automated driving system (ADS)-operated vehicles hold the potential for safety improvement compared to human drivers, the recognition that transportation will continue to entail some level of risk has to be considered. Human drivers rely on extensive daily experience in their interactions with other agents on the road, which helps…

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IEEE UAS Standards Tracking and Standards Development Related Research Needs

This paper discusses the findings of an integrated team that formed to identify current IEEE unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) standards and possible research gaps. The team identified the list of standards published by the IEEE and validated whether the standards had been captured correctly. The team also identified research gaps…

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The Functional Safety Terminology Landscape

This white paper, developed by the Functional Safety Standards Committee (FSSC), describes the landscape of functional safety terminology as used across multiple domains. It has been observed that there are multiple definitions for many of the terms--some of which are domain specific--and there is often an assumption that the terms…

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5G Enabled Agriculture Ecosystem: Food Supply Chain, Rural Development, and Climate Resiliency

The IEEE SA Transdisciplinary Framework for 5G and Future Networks Enabled Applications and Services Industry Connections (IC) white paper discusses the end-to-end agriculture ecosystem in the context of the food supply chain, rural development, and climate resiliency. A transdisciplinary framework that includes ecosystems, networks, and governance may address the end-to-end…

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Comparative Analysis: Existing Digital Health Standards, Guidelines, and Toolkits for Pandemic Response

This report highlights the urgent need for a holistic approach that considers all aspects of the digital health ecosystem, and the importance of multidisciplinary and multilevel (local to global) collaborations to strengthen and sustain healthcare resilience.

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