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IEEE Serious Open Source 2024

Join us in the heart of Silicon Valley to explore and contribute to the future impact of mission-critical open source in the verticals and applications that matter to you.

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IEEE Medical Device Cybersecurity Certification Program

It is crucial for device manufacturers, clinicians, hospitals, and testing organizations to work collaboratively to create a safe and interoperable health care environment. Learn about this program.

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IEEE Membership for Organizations

From small businesses to large organizations, IEEE SA welcomes diverse, global participation, experience and expertise. Harness the power of standards development today!

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World Standards Day

Enter the “Framing the Future of Technology for Good” Photo Contest and let your pictures highlight the positive impact technology and standards can have on the environment. You could even win a prize!

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IEEE 2089™ Provides Foundation for European Reference Document for Children's Protection & Well-being Online

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2023 IEEE Connecting the Unconnected Summit

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Amendments to IEEE Std 802.3™-2022 Raise The Speed Bar for Automotive Ethernet

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Recent Standards

IEEE Trial-Use Standard for Testing and Evaluating the Dielectric Performance of Celebratory Balloons in Contact with Overhead Power Distribution Lines Rated up to 38 kV System Voltage

This standard is applicable to celebratory balloons that are comparable in size and shape to what are commonly referred to as foil balloons and are available in retail stores and filled with helium or a lighter-than-air gas. The dielectric performance of celebratory balloons in contact with simulated energized overhead distribution…

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IEEE Guide for Control and Automation Installations Applied to the Electric Power Infrastructure

The smart grid interoperability reference model (SGIRM) was developed in IEEE Std 2030™-2011 for systems that integrate, among other assets, distributed energy resources (DER). DER management systems (DERMS) and microgrid controllers are examples of such systems applied in this guide. In the process of applying the SGIRM-2011, elements were added…

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IEEE Standard for Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for Deep Learning (DL) Inference Engines

A set of application programming interfaces (APIs) that is aimed at breaking down the barriers between different deep learning (DL) inference engines and applications is defined in this standard. The APIs are comprised of functional interfaces including parameter reading, model compilation optimization, operator registration, thread management, input/output data acquisition, inference…

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