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Providing a global platform of excellence to improve the global standard quality of life at every step through affordable healthcare and access to medicines; support innovation to improve overall wellness and improve societal outcomes; and to enable innovation through open and standardized means. The practice is focused on three main priority areas – clinical health, bio/pharmaceutical value chain, and wellness.

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IEEE Global Registry for Mobile Health Apps

The global standardized registry will serve as a directory of apps that have attested and been assessed for satisfying technical, ethical, and clinical criteria requirements to attain an IEEE standard identifier for inclusion in the registry.

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Re-Think Health Podcast

In this interview-style podcast, global healthcare stakeholders– technologists, researchers, clinicians, patient advocates, regulators, and more– re-think the approach to healthcare, from therapeutic discovery through bedside practice, utilizing new technologies and applications.

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Wearables and Medical IoT Interoperability and Intelligence (WAMIII)

The IEEE SA WAMIII Virtual Talk Series elevates the learning, conversations, and awareness of real-world challenges in trust and adoption of connected health devices with global experts across different disciplines. Watch more than 50 recorded webinar sessions on-demand!


Market Collaborations


Optimizing the pharmaceutical value chain from R&D through drug distribution with new technology applications that enable a more inclusive and efficacious approach enhancing patient outcomes.

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Clinical Health

New technology applications enabling a patient-driven approach to monitoring, diagnosis, and therapeutic delivery with precision and efficiency for all individuals.

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Enabling foundational technology frameworks for immediate response to national emergencies, disease outbreaks, and climate impact on food sustainability and security, while protecting the security and privacy of the most vulnerable.

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Decentralized Clinical Trials

Technology and data harmonization for decentralized clinical trials certification incubator program.

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Transforming Telehealth

Transforming telehealth paradigm – connectivity, privacy, and security.

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Ethical Assurance of Data-Driven Technologies

Ethical assurance of data-driven technologies for mental healthcare.

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