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Clinical Health

IEEE SA is building an ecosystem of interested stakeholders from across the globe that want to leverage technology to enable a patient-centered approach to health care through the creation of the Healthcare and Life Sciences Practice.

One of Healthcare and Life Sciences (H&LS) Practice’s focus is to help drive technology innovations in order to transform the monitoring, diagnosis and therapeutic delivery while protecting the privacy, security and right to care for each patient.  The current approach to health care–treating the patient as the outcome rather than a partner, is outdated. Designed to operate in non-digital era, the current system has major vulnerabilities to patient health, privacy, and right to care. 

New technology applications offer the transformation to a patient-driven healthcare system enabling precision medicine, right to privacy and security, and accessibility. At the same time, helping to eliminate the disconnect between medical practice and clinical research. Major cross-practice initiatives include patient data agency privacy and security; and telehealth connectivity, accessibility, security and privacy for all. 

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