Global Wellness

Global Wellness

IEEE SA Healthcare and Life Sciences (HLS) is building an ecosystem of stakeholders across the globe in order to address some of the challenges and vulnerabilities that directly impact the wellness of people.

IEEE SA HLS helps establish a technical foundation to enable immediate and effective responses to public health emergencies like

  • natural disasters,
  • disease outbreaks,
  • climate change impact,
  • food sustainability, and
  • food supply chain track & trace,

while continuing to protect privacy, security, and physical and mental wellness.

Current Initiatives

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Vaccine Passports and Databases: Privacy vs. Public Health
A UN High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (UNHLPF) IEEE Session

Must we exchange the right to travel for the right to privacy? The question of whether or not to require travelers to show proof of vaccination against COVID-19 or any other communicable disease looms large on many nations’ agendas. This is a pressing question as legislation is currently being formed by individual countries and national databases of who has and has not received the vaccine are under construction. It is unclear what the effects on people’s privacy will be. This session will foster discussion around possible paths forward, taking into account constraints on various stakeholders such as industry, governments, and individuals.

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