Dignity, Inclusion, Identity, Trust, and Agency

About the Activity

Many areas of human activity in the 21st Century take place within cyberspace. Those excluded from cyberspace are thereby excluded from a key domain of human endeavor. Exclusion may arise from many causes, including affordability, availability, discrimination, and concern for safety.

The “Dignity, Inclusion, Identity, Trust, and Agency” (DIITA) Industry Connections Program considers causes of exclusion which can be addressed by advancing technology for humanity through standardization and related solutions.

Goals of the Activity

To best advance the goal of designing and developing trust-enabling solutions for the global community, the Industry Connections program for Dignity, Inclusion Through Trust Agency seeks to cultivate and influence the key groups in the online ecosystem to:

  • Have agency over our data and cyber-identity
  • Provide the capacity to identify ourselves online in a way that protects our privacy, our right to be forgotten, and our off-line ability to have multiple personas
  • Give a voice to the underserved and vulnerable with the creation of standards that are inclusive of their needs
  • Encourage distributed ledger technology (e.g., Blockchain) standards that facilitate financial inclusion and other decentralized data sharing capabilities
  • Develop a collaborative approach to technology and policy design regarding digital inclusion, trust, personal data, agency, security and privacy for all demographics

Getting Involved

Who Should Get Involved

DIITA invites all relevant stakeholders to its open and consensus-building processes mainly aiming at:

  • Ensuring that the conditions of on-line access safeguard our personal agency and dignity in ways that are possible off-line through the standardization lifecycle.
  • Creating technical capabilities to identify ourselves on-line in a way that protects our privacy, our right to be forgotten, and our off-line ability to have multiple personas; identifying potential standardization opportunities in this vein and encouraging the development of practical, technical outputs to realize this goal.
  • Developing proposals for technical and contextually applicable standards that enable the needs and voices of all.

How to Get Involved

To learn more about the program and how to join the Dignity, Inclusion, Identity, Trust, and Agency activity, please express your interest by sending an inquiry to the activity chair whose information can be found in the Contacts section.

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