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7 January 2022

IEEE Standards Association Awards Exceptional Standards Development Achievements

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30 November 2021

IEEE Publishes New Standard to Address Age Appropriate Design for Children’s Digital Services

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15 November 2021

City of Vienna Earns IEEE AI Ethics Certification Mark; Reinforcing Commitment to Digital Humanism Strategy

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15 September 2021

IEEE Launches New Standard to Address Ethical Concerns During Systems Design

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2 June 2021

IEEE EQ Navigator™ Online Portal Offers Nuclear Industry Streamlined Qualification Solution for IEEE Standards Compliance

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Beyond Standards Blog

Artificial Intelligence: Robotic Arm

Advancing Autonomous Robot Development and Adoption Through Standards

Autonomy is the ability to perform tasks without help. In the case of autonomous robots, obstacles may arise internally like an electrical short or a broken part or externally such as encountering debris…

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Renewable Energy: Windmills and Solar Panels

Addressing Grid Reliability As Renewable Energy Integration Speeds up

The trend to connect large-scale wind, solar, battery and other inverter-based resources (IBRs) to the electric power grid is accelerating. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that solar power alone, for example, could account for as much as 40% of the nation’s annual electricity generation by 2035…

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Space Satellite

A New Standard for a New Era in Space

The mapping applications on our smartphones and in our cars rely on signals from a constellation of navigation satellites to pinpoint our location. When these signals are reflected back into space, they are imprinted with data about the Earth’s surface features and conditions…

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