About the IEEE SA Standards Board

The Standards Board (SASB)

Established and appointed by the IEEE SA Board of Governors (BOG) the IEEE SA Standards Board encourages and coordinates the development and revision of IEEE standards. This includes approving the initiation of IEEE standards projects and to reviewing them for consensus, due process, openness, and balance.

The SASB gives final approval to IEEE standards prior to publication and processes all necessary appeals.

About SASB Members

The Board consists of no fewer than 18 or more than 26 voting members. They must be IEEE and IEEE SA members. In addition, an IEEE Technical Activities Board Liaison serves as a voting member.

There is one non-voting Member Emeritus.

Welcome SASB & Committee Members

2023 Standards Board

David Law Chair
Ted Burse Vice Chair
Gary Hoffman Past Chair
Konstantinos Karachalios Secretary, non-voting
Sara Biyabani Kevin Lu
Doug Edwards Daleep Mohla
Ramy Fathy Andrew Myles
Guido Hiertz Paul Nikolich (TAB Rep.)
Yousef Kimiagar Annette Reilly
Thomas Koshy Robby Robson
John Kulick Lei Wang
Joseph Levy Keith Waters
Howard Li Karl Weber
Johnny Lin Philip Winston
Gui Liu Don Wright
Xiaohui Liu
Member Emeritus
Joseph Koepfinger, non-voting

2023 Representatives


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