30 March 2023

IEEE SA Standards Board Approvals

30 March 2023

    New PARs

  • P3342 (C/AISC)
    Standard for Functional Requirements of Toolchain for Artificial Intelligence Model Deployment on Edge Devices
  • P3350 (C/AISC)
    Recommended Practice for Improving Generalizability of Artificial Intelligence for Medical Imaging
  • P3354 (C/AISC)
    Trial-Use Recommended Practice for 3D Object Reconstruction from Multi-view Images Based on Deep Learning
  • P3361 (C/CPSC)
    Standard for Evaluation Method of Robustness of Digital Watermarking Implementation in Digital Contents
  • P26516 (C/S2ESC)
    Systems and software engineering – Design and development of instructional videos and animations
  • P26517 (C/S2ESC)
    Systems and software engineering – Development of user assistance in mobile applications
  • P3811 (CTS/DFESC)
    Standard for Security Service Specifications for DLT–based Supply Chain Finance
  • P3817 (CTS/DFESC)
    Standard for Natural Gas Market Knowledge Graphs
  • P3818 (CTS/DFESC)
    Standard for Technical Requirements of Blockchain-based Data Management for Medical Service
  • P3360 (IM/TET)
    Standard for the Performance of On-Site Oral Fluid Drug Screening Devices
  • P62271-37-013-2021/Cor 1 (PE/SWG)
    International Standard for High-voltage Switchgear and Controlgear–Part 37-013: Alternating current generator circuit-breakers – Corrigendum 1
  • PC57.132 (PE/TR)
    Guide for Vibration Testing of Oil-immersed High-voltage Direct Current (HVDC) Converter Transformer (±160 kV dc to ±1100 kV dc)
  • P3353 (PE/T&D)
    Guide for Staged Fault Test of Alternating Current/Direct Current (AC/DC) Transmission Lines
  • P3358 (BOG/CAG)
    Standard for Technical Requirements for Low-code Application Platform (LCAP)
  • P8000 (BOG/CAG)
    Standard for Characterization and Specification of Ethical Properties in Autonomous Intelligent Systems (AIS)
  • P3355 (SPS/SASC)
    Standard for Deriving Synthetic Aperture Radar Resolution Capabilities
  • P7016.1 (SSIT/SC)
    Standard for Ethically Aligned Educational Metadata in Extended Reality (XR) & Metaverse
  • P7802 (SSIT/SC)
    Standard for Measurement and Verification of Reduction of Greenhouse Gases for Climate Action Projects and Solutions
  • P3359 (VT/AVSC)
    Trial-Use Guide for Testing Methods for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Systems in Automotive Applications Using Compressed Hydrogen as Fuel
  • P3351 (VT/HSTMSC)
    Standard for Levitation System of Electromagnetic Suspension type of Magnetic Levitation Vehicle
  • P3352 (VT/HSTMSC)
    Standard for Test Specification of Short Stator Maglev Train
  • P1609.2.2 (VT/ITS)
    Standard Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments (WAVE) – Multi-Jurisdictional Interoperability Using Security Credentials Originating in Disparate Policy Domains
  • P3357 (VT/OCS)
    Recommended Practice for Grounding Overhead Contact System (OCS) Poles and Supports on Light Rail Transit Systems

    PARs for the Revision of Standards

  • P802.3.1 (C/LAN/MAN)
    Standard for Ethernet Structure of Management Information version 2 (SMIv2) Data Model Definitions
  • P802.3.2 (C/LAN/MAN)
    Standard for Ethernet – YANG Data Model Definitions
  • P1844 (PE/IC)
    Standard Test Procedure for Determining Circuit Integrity Performance of Fire Resistive Cables in Nuclear Facilities

    Modified PARs

  • P2030.5 (COM/PLC)
    Standard for Smart Energy Profile Protocol
  • P2418.5 (PE/SBLC)
    Guide for Blockchain in Power and Energy Systems
  • P81 (PE/SUB)
    Guide for Measuring Earth Resistivity, Ground Impedance, and Earth Surface Potentials of a Grounding System
  • PC37.122.10 (PE/SUB)
    Guide for Handling Non-Sulphur Hexafluoride (SF6) Gases for High-Voltage Equipment Rated above 1000 Vac
  • PC62.21 (PE/SPDC)
    Guide for the Application of Surge Voltage Protective Equipment on AC Rotating Machinery 1000 Volts and Greater

    New Standards

  • 3205-2023 (C/BDL)
    IEEE Standard for Blockchain Interoperability – Data Authentication and Communication Protocol
  • 802.3cx-2023 (C/LAN/MAN)
    IEEE Standard for Ethernet Amendment 6: Media Access Control (MAC) Service Interface and Management Parameters to Support Improved Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Timestamping Accuracy
  • 802.3cz-2023 (C/LAN/MAN)
    IEEE Standard for Ethernet Amendment: Physical Layer Specifications and Management Parameters for multi-gigabit optical Ethernet using graded-index glass optical fiber for application in the automotive environment
  • 9274.1.1-2023 (C/LT)
    IEEE Standard for Learning Technology – JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) Data Model Format and Representational State Transfer (RESTful) Web Service for Learner Experience Data Tracking and Access
  • 24641-2023 (C/S2ESC)
    ISO/IEC/IEEE International Standard – Systems and software engineering – Methods and Tools for Model-based Systems and Software Engineering
  • 24748-9-2023 (C/S2ESC)
    ISO/IEC/IEEE International Standard – Systems and software engineering — Part 9: Application of system and software life cycle processes in epidemic prevention and control systems
  • 2785-2023 (CTS/ETSC)
    IEEE Standard for Architectural Framework and General Requirements for Smart Home Systems
  • 2952-2023 (CTS/ETSC)
    IEEE Standard for Secure Computing Based on Trusted Execution Environment
  • N42.62-2023 (IM/RNIS)
    IEEE Standard for Passive Radiation Imaging Systems
  • 2999-2023 (PHO/SC)
    IEEE Guide for Technical Requirements and Test Methods for Industrial Ultrashort Pulse Lasers
  • 2749-2023 (PE/T&D)
    IEEE Recommended Practice for Risk Identification and Evaluation of Smart Power Distribution System
  • 2938-2023 (PE/T&D)
    IEEE Guide for Economic Loss Evaluation of Sensitive Industrial Customers Caused by Voltage Sags
  • 516-2021/Cor 1.1-2023 (PE/T&D)
    IEEE Guide for Maintenance Methods on Energized Power Lines – Corrigendum 1.1

    Revised Standards

  • 15288-2023 (C/S2ESC)
    ISO/IEC/IEEE Standard – Systems and Software engineering — System Life Cycle Processes
  • 1851-2023 (CTS/ETSC)
    IEEE Standard for Design Criteria of Integrated Sensor-Based Test Applications for Household Appliances
  • 11073-10421-2023 (EMB/11073)
    IEEE Standard for Health Informatics–Device Interoperability–Part 10421: Personal Health Device Communication–Device Specialization–Peak expiratory flow monitor (peak flow)
  • 11073-10425-2023 (EMB/11073)
    IEEE Standard for Health informatics–Device Interoperability Part 10425: Personal Health Device Communication–Device Specialization–Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM)
  • 11073-10471-2023 (EMB/11073)
    IEEE Standard for Health informatics – Device Interoperability – Part 10471: Personal health device communication – Device specialization – Independent living activity hub
  • 11073-10472-2023 (EMB/11073)
    IEEE Standard for Health Informatics–Device Interoperability–Part 10472: Personal Health Device Communication–Device Specialization–Medication Monitor
  • 762-2023 (PE/AMPS)
    IEEE Standard Definitions for Use in Reporting Electric Generating Unit Reliability, Availability, and Productivity
  • C37.98-2023 (PE/NPE)
    IEEE Standard for Seismic Qualification Testing of Protective Relays and Auxiliaries for Nuclear Facilities


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