21 May 2019

IEEE SA Standards Board Approvals

21 May 2019

New PARs

  • P2755.2 (BOG/CAG) Recommended Practice for Implementation and Management Methodology for Software Based Intelligent Process Automation (SBIPA)
  • P802.1AE-2018/Cor 1 (C/LM) Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks-Media Access Control (MAC) Security – Corrigendum 1: Tag Control Information Figure
  • P3527.1 (C/LT) Standard for Digital Intelligence (DQ) — Framework for Digital Literacy, Skills and Readiness
  • P2142.1 (CES/BSC) Recommended Practice for E-Invoice Business Using Blockchain Technology
  • P1937.3 (COM/AccessCore-SC) Protocol for the Flight Data Transmission of Civil Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Based on BeiDou Short Message
  • P2733 (EMB/Stds Com) Standard for Clinical Internet of Things (IoT) Data and Device Interoperability with TIPPSS – Trust, Identity, Privacy, Protection, Safety, Security
  • P3003.5 (IAS/TBCC) Recommended Practice for Connections to Earth for Industrial and Commercial Power Facilities
  • P48404.1 (PE/IC) Standard for Test Procedures and Requirements for Joints and Live Front Terminations installed on Extruded or Laminated Dielectric Shielded Power Cable Systems Rated 2.5 kV through 46 kV AC
  • P2809 (PE/NPE) Nuclear Power Plants – Instrumentation, Control and Electrical Power Systems Important to Safety – Common Cause Failure Systems Analysis and Diversity
  • P1591.4 (PE/PSCC) Standard for Testing and Performance of Hardware for Optical Fiber Composite Overhead Phase Conductor (OPPC)
  • PC95.1-2019/Cor 1 (SASB/SCC39)Approved Draft Standard for Safety Levels with Respect to Human Exposure to Electric, Magnetic and Electromagnetic Fields, 0 Hz to 300 GHz – Corrigendum 1: Correction for C95.1-2019
  • P2814 (SMC/SC) Techno-economics Metrics Standard for Hybrid Energy and Storage Systems

PARs for the Revision of Standards

  • P1901 (COM/PLC) Standard for Broadband over Power Line Networks: Medium Access Control and Physical Layer Specifications
  • P1207 (PE/ED&PG) Guide for the Application of Turbine Governing Systems for Hydroelectric Generating Units
  • PC50.13 (PE/EM) Standard for 50 and 60 Hz Synchronous Generators for Non-Hydraulic Applications Rated 10 MVA and Above
  • P1816 (PE/IC) Guide for Preparation Techniques of Shielded Cables Rated 2.5 kV through 46 kV and the Installation of Mating Accessories
  • P379 (PE/NPE) Standard for Application of the Single-Failure Criterion to Nuclear Power Generating Station Safety Systems
  • P1289 (PE/NPE) Guide for the Application of Human Factors Engineering in the Design of Computer-Based Monitoring and Control Displays for Nuclear Power Generating Stations and other Nuclear Facilities
  • P1264 (PE/SUB) Guide for Animal Deterrents for Electric Power Supply Substations
  • PC37.20.4 (PE/SWG) Standard for AC Switches Rated above 1 kV up to 52 kV for Use in Metal-Enclosed Switchgear
  • PC57.12.40 (PE/TR) Standard for Network, Three-Phase Transformers, 2500 kVA and Smaller; High Voltage, 34 500 V and Below; Low Voltage, 600 V and Below; Subway and Vault Types (Liquid Immersed)
  • PC57.19.100 (PE/TR) Guide for Application of Power Apparatus Bushings
  • PC95.1-2345 (SASB/SCC39) Standard for Military Workplaces — Force Health Protection Regarding Personnel Exposure to Electric, Magnetic, and Electromagnetic Fields, 0 Hz to 300 GHz

Modified PARs

  • P42020 (C/S2ESC) Standard for Software, Systems and Enterprise — Architecture Processes
  • P42030 (C/S2ESC) Standard for Software, Systems and Enterprise — Architecture Evaluation
  • P2721 (EMB/Stds Com) Standard for Wireless Diabetes Device Security Assurance
  • P1679 (PE/ESSB) Recommended Practice for the Characterization and Evaluation of Energy Storage Technologies in Stationary Applications
  • P2740 (PE/IC) Guide for the Selection and Installation of Electrical Cables and Cable Systems in Hazardous (Classified) Locations on Oil & Gas Land Drilling Rigs

New Standards

  • 2413 (BOG/CAG) IEEE Draft Standard for an Architectural Framework for the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • 2755.1 (BOG/CAG) Guide for Taxonomy for Intelligent Process Automation Product Features and Functionality
  • 2780 (BOG/CAG) IEEE Draft Standard for Insulation Piercing Connectors
  • 2416 (C/DA) IEEE Draft Standard for Power Modeling to Enable System Level Analysis
  • 42020 (C/S2ESC) ISO/IEC/IEEE Draft Standard for Systems and Software Engineering – Architecture Processes
  • 42030 (C/S2ESC) IEEE/ISO/IEC Draft Standard for Systems and Software Engineering – Architecture Evaluation
  • 60214-2 (PE/TR) IEEE Draft Standard for Tap-Changers – Part 2: Application Guide
  • 1609.2b (VT/ITS) IEEE Draft Standard for Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments – Security Services for Applications and Management Messages Amendment 2 – PDU Functional Types and Encryption Key Management
  • 1627 (VT/RTSC) IEEE Draft Standard for Transient Overvoltage Protection of DC Electrification Systems by Application of DC Surge Arresters

Revision Standards

  • C57.12.32 (PE/TR) IEEE Draft Standard for Submersible Equipment – Enclosure Integrity
  • C57.12.51 (PE/TR) IEEE Draft Guide for Mechanical Interchangeability of Ventilated Dry Type Transformers
  • 1013 (SASB/SCC21) IEEE Draft Recommended Practice for Sizing Lead-Acid Batteries for Stand-Alone Photovoltaic (PV) Systems
  • 1561 (SASB/SCC21) IEEE Draft Guide for Optimizing the Performance and Life of Lead-Acid Batteries in Remote Hybrid Power Systems

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