Distributed Energy Resources Education and Credentialing Program

This program is an in-depth and thorough dive into the IEEE 1547-2018 standard targeted toward electric industry professionals and provides the foundation of the education program. Professionals who demonstrate a competent level of understanding of the standard, as well as common regional interconnection rules, and safe field visit practices will be eligible for IEEE certification.

Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) such as wind, solar, battery storage, and electric vehicles (EVs) have become a top priority for managing the grid. The benefits these technologies provide to communities around the world also present novel challenges in their integration with distribution networks. IEEE 1547™-2018 defines the requirements of these DER interconnections.

The IEEE Conformity Assessment Program’s (ICAP) DER related activities provide unique opportunities for the successful implementation of IEEE 1547-2018. By collaborating with stakeholders, subject matter experts, and regulators, ICAP can address industry gaps and help ensure a more reliable and resilient grid.

IEEE 1547 Education and Credentialing Program

As more states continue to adopt IEEE 1547-2018 and its dynamic features for grid support, the industry will require more professionals proficient in the standard and assessing commissioning conformance of DER interconnections. ICAP, along with utility support and a diverse representation of stakeholder members, have developed an educational and credentialing program that will meet this industry’s needs. IEEE certification will indicate to utilities, DER developers, and owners the experience level necessary to commission an IEEE 1547 compliant DER Interconnection. This program will also deliver to the industry a standardized approach to IEEE 1547 DER Interconnection commissioning that can be adopted anywhere.

Credentialing Training Courses

Individuals and Training Courses

Individuals can be trained and credentialed to provide conformance commissioning services.

ICAP 1547 Course Summary

Electric Utilities

This program provides an opportunity for electric utilities to evaluate each DER installation interconnected to the grid more effectively. The more services the utility can delegate to others under this program, the more productive the utility can be in assuring high-quality DER interconnections. There are several ways that electric utilities can use this program. These include:

  • Send pertinent utility employees for training and certification.
  • Allow trusted third parties certified by this program to perform IEEE 1547 conformance commissioning evaluations at DER installations.
  • Allow trusted developers to have IEEE 1547 Conformance Commissioning certified employees do conformance commissioning evaluations.

Training Providers

Training providers include universities and colleges, industry training providers, and trade schools and provide the training for the ICAP IEEE 1547 Educational Program. The program requires knowledgeable and experienced professional instructors with live instruction using the teaching materials developed for the course.

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