Interconnection of Distributed Energy Resources


Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) such as wind, solar, battery-storage, and electric vehicles (EVs) have become a top priority for managing the grid. The benefits these technologies provide to communities around the world also present novel challenges in their integration with distribution networks. The recently revised IEEE 1547™-2018 defines requirements of these DER interconnections that will take the current electrical system into the future.

The IEEE Conformity Assessment Program’s (ICAP) DER related activities provide unique opportunities for the successful implementation of IEEE 1547-2018. By collaborating with stakeholders, subject matter experts and regulators ICAP is able to address industry gaps and help ensure a more reliable and resilient grid.

IEEE 1547 Education and Credentialing Program

As more states continue to adopt the new IEEE 1547-2018 and its dynamic features for grid support, the industry will require a greater number of professionals proficient in the standard and the commissioning of DER interconnections. ICAP, along with utility support and a diverse representation of stakeholder members, are developing an educational and credentialing program that will meet this industry need. An in-depth and thorough dive into the IEEE 1547-2018 standard targeted toward electric industry professionals will provide the foundation of the education program. Professionals who demonstrate a competent level of understanding of the standard, as well as, common regional interconnection rules and safe field visit practices will be eligible for IEEE certification. IEEE certification will indicate to utilities, DER developers and owners the experience level necessary to commission an IEEE 1547 compliant DER Interconnection. This program will also deliver to industry a standardized approach to IEEE 1547 DER Interconnection commissioning that can be adopted anywhere.

Supporting Utilities:

Academic Institutions and Training Providers

For academic institutions or training providers interested in licensing training content and materials for the IEEE 1547 Credentialing Program, please complete our Inquiry Form. A Program Manager will contact you directly.

International Adoption and Outreach Efforts

ICAP has worked with stakeholders including regulators and utilities internationally on the education and adoption of IEEE 1547 outside of North America. ICAP has provided educational workshops with presentations by IEEE 1547 subject matter experts as well as demonstration of the ICAP 1547 Commissioning process. These opportunities have proven to be instrumental in the understanding and exploration of adopting IEEE 1547 to new international beneficiaries.

Fundamentals of IEEE1547™-2018 Standard an In-depth Workshop Video Series

This video series, with 6+ hours of content, highlights the new features and capabilities outlined in the standard, IEEE1547-2018, Standard for Interconnection and Interoperability of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) with Associated Electric Power Systems Interfaces.

Transmission level integration, certification and commissioning are also discussed.


Conformity Assessment Steering Committee

The IEEE 1547 Conformity Assessment Steering Committee (CASC) provides a diverse industry perspective to ICAP 1547 related efforts. Composed of individuals of utilities, DER vendors, Integrators, owners, and regulators, the CASC helps ICAP address the whole industry, not just a specific sector.

For all inquiries related to IEEE 1547 Conformity Assessment Program please email [email protected].


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