IEEE’s Energy Practice provides a focal point for information and assistance across the wide range of IEEE standards and related initiatives associated with the topic of Energy, as well as linkage to IEEE Societies, programs and conferences of interest to the Energy community. IEEE expertise, programs, products and services are very broad and numerous in the field of Energy – our website attempts to categorize information as simply as possible, and will update with new and additional information on a monthly basis.


How to Manage Distributed Energy Resources More Effectively

IEEE 2030.11™ Provides Guiding Principles for DER Management Systems and Microgrid Services. Distributed energy resources (DER) is the term used to describe the many types of energy generation and storage technologies that provide electric capacity or energy where it is needed. With smaller outputs than traditional generating resources like centralized power plants, DER systems are often sized to meet the requirements of a particular site. They may be connected to the local electric power grid or distribution system or isolated from it for dedicated use.

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IEEE EQ Navigator™ Online Portal Offers Nuclear Industry Streamlined Qualification Solution for IEEE Standards Compliance

IEEE Equipment Qualification (EQ) Navigator, a consolidated online portal for independent, consistent, and streamlined assessment of compliance to IEEE nuclear power standards. IEEE EQ Navigator is designed to deliver a common resource for nuclear manufacturers to attain product qualification and test laboratory accreditation. The online portal aims to mitigate uncertainty and risk in equipment production and procurement, cut costs for source verification and audits, and help avert fraudulent product issues.

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Smart Energy

Energy generation, transmission and distribution technologies continuously evolve, with accelerated urgency driven by grid modernization in support of sustainable, low-carbon energy solutions. Renewable and distributed energy resources, smart grid, energy storage, microgrids and more are addressed with a focus on IEEE initiatives, programs and products that support these issues.

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Energy Efficiency

The energy consumption side of the equation is a key factor in the next-generation grid. Transportation electrification, growing penetration of electric vehicles and their infrastructure, efficiency initiatives for large industrial consumers of energy, and related global policy goals are addressed, describing IEEE’s role in supporting these growing issues.

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Energy Infrastructure

IEEE has a rich history in defining the design and deployment of the essential infrastructure physical hardware and software that comprise our global energy systems, along with guidance on safe operations to help protect utility workers (e.g. the National Electrical Safety Code). IEEE addresses infrastructure evolution as grid modernization accelerates to help assure safe, reliable and available energy to global customers.

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Featured Standards and Projects

IEEE 1547™

IEEE Standard for Interconnection and Interoperability of Distributed Energy Resources with Associated Electric Power Systems Interfaces

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IEEE 2030.5™

IEEE Standard for Smart Energy Profile Application Protocol

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IEEE 2800™

Standard for Interconnection and Interoperability of Inverter-Based Resources Interconnecting with Associated Transmission Electric Power Systems

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