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Recent Standards

IEEE 1812-2023

IEEE Guide for Testing Permanent Magnet Machines

IEEE 1547.3-2023

IEEE Guide for Cybersecurity of Distributed Energy Resources Interconnected with Electric Power Systems

IEEE 1017.4-2023

IEEE Recommended Practice for Testing and Rating of Electrical Submersible Pump Motors

IEEE 82-2023

IEEE Recommended Practice for Impulse Voltage Tests on Insulated Cables and Their Accessories

IEEE 802f-2023

IEEE Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Network: Overview and Architecture Amendment 3: YANG Data Model for EtherTypes

IEEE C37.238a-2023

IEEE Standard Profile for Use of IEEE 1588™ Precision Time Protocol in Power System Applications Amendment 1: Adding a Type-Length-Value (TLV) to Indicate the Latest International Earth Rotation Service (IERS)-Specified Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) Leap Second Event

IEEE 1588a-2023

IEEE Standard for a Precision Clock Synchronization Protocol for Networked Measurement and Control Systems Amendment 3: Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Enhancements for Best Master Clock Algorithm (BMCA) Mechanisms

IEEE 2845-2023

IEEE Trial-Use Standard for Testing and Evaluating the Dielectric Performance of Celebratory Balloons in Contact with Overhead Power Distribution Lines Rated up to 38 kV System Voltage

IEEE 2030.4-2023

IEEE Guide for Control and Automation Installations Applied to the Electric Power Infrastructure

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