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Recent Standards

IEEE C37.123-2023

IEEE Guide for Specifications for High-Voltage Gas-Insulated Substations Rated 52 kV and Above

IEEE 1159.3-2019/Cor 1-2024

IEEE Recommended Practice for Power Quality Data Interchange Format (PQDIF) - Corrigendum 1

IEEE 802.1CS-2020/Cor 1-2024

IEEE Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks--Link-local Registration Protocol Corrigendum 1: Corrections to Management Modules and Protocol Encoding

IEEE 1662-2023

IEEE Recommended Practice for the Design and Application of Power Electronics in Electrical Power Systems

IEEE 1857.3-2023

IEEE Standard for a System of Advanced Audio and Video Coding

IEEE C62.43.1a-2023

IEEE Guide for Surge Protectors and Surge Protective Circuits Used in Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Including Smart Grid--Part 1 Applications

IEEE C57.150-2023

IEEE Guide for the Transportation of Transformers and Reactors Rated 10 000 kVA or Higher

IEEE 2465-2023

IEEE Trial-Use Recommended Practice for Pulse-Type Partial Discharge Measurements on Individual Stator Coils and Bars

IEEE C37.100.7-2023

IEEE Guide for the Evaluation of Performance Characteristics of Non-Sulfur Hexafluoride Insulation and Arc Quenching Media for Switchgear Rated Above 1000 V
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