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IEEE 384™-2018

IEEE Standard Criteria for Independence of Class 1E Equipment and Circuits


IEEE 802.1Qcc™-2018

IEEE Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks--Bridges and Bridged Networks -- Amendment 31: Stream Reservation Protocol (SRP) Enhancements and Performance Improvements


IEEE 3006.8™-2018

IEEE Recommended Practice for Analyzing Reliability Data for Equipment Used in Industrial and Commercial Power Systems


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IEEE 802.3™- 2018, Standard for Ethernet


This standard defines Ethernet local area, access and metropolitan area networks. Ethernet is specified at selected speeds of operation; and uses a common media access control (MAC) specification and management information base (MIB)…

IEEE 2050™-2018, Standard for a Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) for Small-Scale Embedded Systems

This standard specifies a real-time OS for small-scale embedded systems such as systems with single chip microcomputer including 16-bit CPU, systems with small amount ROM/RAM, and systems without MMU…

IEEE 1657™-2018, Recommended Practice for Personnel Qualifications for Installation and Maintenance of Stationary Batteries

This recommended practice defines the areas of recommended knowledge for installers and maintainers of stationary standby batteries (primarily lead-acid and Ni-Cd standby batteries) and related systems to the extent that they affect the battery, personnel safety and reliability of any related systems…