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Recent Standards

IEEE C62.82.2-2022

IEEE Guide for the Application of Insulation Coordination

IEEE C95.7-2022

IEEE Standard for Electromagnetic Energy Safety Programs, 0 Hz to 300 GHz

IEEE 1588g-2022

IEEE Standard for a Precision Clock Synchronization Protocol for Networked Measurement and Control Systems Amendment 2: Master-Slave Optional Alternative Terminology

IEEE 1597.1-2022

IEEE Approved Draft Standard for Validation of Computational Electromagnetics Computer Modeling and Simulations

IEEE/ISO/IEC 8802-1AS:2021/Cor 1-2023

ISO/IEC/IEEE--Information technology--Telecommunications and information exchange between systems--Local and metropolitan area networks--Part 1AS: Timing and synchronization for time-sensitive applications in bridged local area networks TECHNICAL CORRIGENDUM 1: Technical and editorial corrections

IEEE 802.11bd-2022

IEEE Standard for Information Technology--Telecommunications and Information Exchange between Systems Local and Metropolitan Area Networks--Specific Requirements Part 11: Wireless LAN Medium Access Control (MAC) and Physical Layer (PHY) Specifications Amendment 5: Enhancements for Next Generation V2X

IEEE/ISO/IEC 8802-1CB:2019/Amd 2-2023

IEEE/ISO/IEC International Standard--Information technology--Telecommunications and information exchange between systems--Local and metropolitan area networks--Specific requirements--Part 1CB: Frame replication and elimination for reliability AMENDMENT 2: Extend stream identification functions

IEEE N42.38-2022

IEEE Approved Draft Standard for Spectroscopy-Based Portal Monitors Used for Homeland Security

IEEE 2745.4-2022

IEEE Guide for Technology of Unified Power Flow Controller Using Modular Multilevel Converter--Part 4: Control and Protection Application

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