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Recent Standards

IEEE C37.252-2024

IEEE Guide for Testing Automatic Voltage Control Systems in Regional Power Grids

IEEE 1932.1-2024

IEEE Standard for Licensed/Unlicensed Spectrum Interoperability in Wireless Mobile Networks

IEEE 379.1-2024

IEEE Guide for Application of the Single-Failure Criterion to Nuclear Power Generating Station Safety Systems

IEEE 1680.2-2024

IEEE Standard for Environmental Assessment of Imaging Equipment

IEEE White Paper

A Guide to Human Rights Impact Assessments for Organizations Involved in the AI Lifecycle

IEEE 1937.3-2024

IEEE Standard for Flight Data Transmission of Civil Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Based on Short Message Mechanisms

IEEE 2426-2024

IEEE Guide for Field Measurement of Fast-Front and Very Fast-Front Overvoltages in Electric Power Systems--Part 1: Measuring Techniques

IEEE 3154-2024

IEEE Recommended Practice for the Application of Knowledge Graphs for Talent Services

IEEE 7009-2024

IEEE Standard for Fail-Safe Design of Autonomous and Semi-Autonomous Systems
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