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Recent Standards

IEEE 3129-2023

IEEE Standard for Robustness Testing and Evaluation of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based Image Recognition Service

IEEE White Paper

Domain-Specific Use Cases for ROOF (Realtime Onsite Operations Facilitation) Computing Framework

IEEE/ISO/IEC 24748-9-2023

ISO/IEC/IEEE International Standard - Systems and software engineering -- Life cycle management -- Part 9: Application of system and software life cycle processes in epidemic prevention and control systems

IEEE 3333.1.4-2022

IEEE Recommended Practice for the Quality Assessment of Light Field Imaging

IEEE 2716-2022

IEEE Guide for the Characterization of the Effectiveness of Printed Circuit Board Level Shielding

IEEE 2952-2023

IEEE Approved Draft Standard for Secure Computing Based on Trusted Execution Environment

IEEE 2938-2023

IEEE Guide for Economic Loss Evaluation of Sensitive Industrial Customers Caused by Voltage Sags

IEEE 2785-2023

IEEE Standard for Architectural Framework and General Requirements for Smart Home Systems

IEEE 3001.9/IES RP-48-2023

IEEE/IES Recommended Practice for the Design of Power Systems Supplying Lighting Systems in Commercial and Industrial Facilities

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