Government Engagement

IEEE SA is committed to building bridges between the worlds of technology, standards and policy making. Through our Public Affairs activities and programs we help Policymakers and Government Officials stay current of the latest developments in IEEE standardization while working with them to understand and meet their needs.

With collaborative thought leaders in more than 160 countries, IEEE standards and programs help governments promote innovation, enable the creation and expansion of international markets and protect health and public safety.


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The Government Engagement Program on Standards (GEPS) is a tailored program for government officials from around the world where they gain strategic insights into IEEE standardization and contribute to discussions at the intersection of technology, standards and policy.

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Standards Fellowship

A capacity building program for individuals from National Standards Bodies and Government Bodies where they strengthen their knowledge about IEEE standards development through informative workshops and ongoing information exchange.

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Building Blocks

Capacity Building

A collection of resources and information curated for government officials, policy makers and regulators–covering the IEEE standardization program, process, and relationships, associated IEEE standards programs, and where to learn more about the latest IEEE standardization news and events.

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Global Dialogue Contributions

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Public Policy Statements

Statements on matters of public policy specific issues and topics pertinent to IEEE SA’s work.

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Communications & Interventions

Public statements, including speeches and public remarks, contributing to the global dialogue surrounding technology, standards and sustainability.

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Specific responses to public open consultations or requests for information from international and government organizations.

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Cooperative Relationships

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Standards Cooperation

Learn how IEEE SA coordinates with various bodies and organizations from around the globe on standards-related matters.

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International Organizations

Explore IEEE SA collaboration with such bodies as the UN, OECD and others.

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NGOs & Institutions

Learn about cooperative activities IEEE SA has with organizations working toward a positive change in society and how standards can help.

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