IEEE GET Program™


The subsidized sponsorship of standards via the IEEE GET Program helps expand the global reach of technical knowledge developed by industry, accelerates adoption of IEEE standards, contributes to an open knowledge community, promulgates open information exchange to foster innovation, and connects the IEEE brand with the development of world-changing technologies for the benefit of humanity.

IEEE GET Program Sponsor Benefits

As a Sponsor, your IEEE GET Program can provide exposure to more than 417,000 worldwide IEEE Members, the IEEE Xplore Digital Library with over 10 million user visits per month, and more than 20,000 standards developers worldwide. It would also give you recognition among global standards developers, implementers and related stakeholders. Sponsoring standards offers you the ability to positively impact your industry, markets, and associated technologies.

For a complete list of GET Programs and associated standards, visit IEEE Xplore’s GET Program page.

Interested in Becoming an IEEE GET Program Sponsor?

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How the Program Works

  • Only the selected standard will be made available through the program.
  • Amendments and corrigenda will also be made available to complete the associated active standard.
  • The cost of being an IEEE GET Program Sponsor varies depending on the terms of the contract and whether it is a single standard or a family of standards.
  • IEEE will create, maintain, and support a website for each sponsored GET Program
  • The website created will be explicitly labeled as not in the “Public Domain,” and the IEEE is, and shall remain the sole copyright holder of the document(s).
  • The website will require users accept of the Terms and Conditions of Use before access to the standard(s) PDF file is permitted.
  • IEEE will distribute monthly users statistics to each IEEE GET Program Sponsor.
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