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Join a global network of industry and technology experts and thought leaders that change the way people live, work, and communicate.

Whether you are looking to make your mark as an individual or on behalf of your organization, IEEE SA offers many different opportunities to make a meaningful impact for the benefit of humanity.

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Discover, Explore, and Identify New Technologies

Discover new and emerging technologies and concepts, or bring your ideas for further technology exploration. Industry Connections (IC) Programs & Activities offer a safe-harbor accelerator, where industry professionals collaboratively explore diverse technologies to determine appropriate paths for use and development. Search the list of most recent activities or learn more about IC’s active programs.

Help redefine technology innovation with disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligent Systems (AIS) and open source.

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Need help starting a new technical group or alliance? IEEE Alliance Management Services (AMS) provides industry alliances and trade associations with turnkey legal and operational support.

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Participate in Standards Development

Facilitate the end-to-end creation, production and distribution of open, balanced, and market-driven technology standards, leveraging IEEE SA’s proven, time-tested framework. Opportunities are available at many different stages of development.

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From working on standards development and sponsoring technical events to providing feedback on technical documents, find the way you want to contribute.

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Take an Active Role in IEEE SA Membership, Governance, and Government Engagement

Contribute to IEEE SA standards work with an individual or entity/corporate membership. Influence the direction of IEEE SA by helping to drive policy, procedures and technology innovation with active participation on committees (NesCom, AudCom or RevCom).

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Help local, regional and international policy makers champion the benefits of standardization and identify critical issues and opportunities at the intersection of emerging technology and global society.

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Help Accelerate Market Adoption through Conformity Assessment and Certification

IEEE Conformity Assessment Program (ICAP) develops well-defined processes and procedures, which are designed to evaluate and confirm product features and functionality defined by standards. ICAP partners with IEEE Standards Working Groups, test laboratories, and other key stakeholders (i.e., utilities, telecom operators, manufacturers, etc.) to develop industry appropriate, comprehensive and robust conformity assessment programs, which meet well-defined processes and metrics.

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Become Part of the IEEE SA Open Source Community

IEEE SA Open supports market-driven solutions and mission-based open source projects that enable innovation through collaboration. Through a unique framework of governance, processes and tools to promote the vitality essential for open source projects, IEEE SA Open welcomes independent developers, startups, projects, academia, foundations and industry organizations around the world to join the platform where they can build and expand their open source projects.

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Join other innovators who are helping define future technologies. Search the complete list below for the right opportunity for you.

The list is searchable by type of participation and relevant technology area.

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