About the Industry Connections Committee (ICCom)

Industry Connections Committee (ICCom)

This committee shall examine Industry Connections Activity Initiation Documents (ICAIDs) (DOC) and make recommendations to the IEEE SA Corporate Advisory Group (CAG) regarding their approval. The committee shall also make recommendations to the CAG regarding the termination of Industry Connections activities. The committee’s procedures and responsibilities are specified in the IEEE SA Industry Connections Committee Operations Manual (PDF).

About ICCom Members

The committee shall be comprised of at least five members. The chair and other members of the committee shall be appointed by the Chair of the IEEE SA IESS SMDC for a term of one year.

2022 Roster

Kevin Lu Chair
Sandeep Agrawal Xiaohui Liu
Carole Carey Mark Epstein
Robby Robson Guido Hiertz
Yatin Trivedi Mehmet Ulema
David Law Howard Wolfman
Rosalinda Saravia
Rudi Schubert
Shana Pepin


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