Smart Energy Workstream

Smart Energy Workstream

Energy generation, transmission and distribution technologies continuously evolve, with accelerated urgency driven by grid modernization in support of sustainable, low-carbon energy solutions. Renewable and distributed energy resources, smart grid, energy storage, microgrids and more are addressed with a focus on IEEE initiatives, programs and products that support these issues.

IEEE Smart Grid

IEEE Smart Grid provides expertise and guidance for individuals and organizations involved in the modernization and optimization of the power grid.
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IEEE 1547™ Series

The IEEE 1547 Series of Standards focus on the interconnection and interoperability between utility electric power systems (EPSs) and distributed energy resources (DERs). They provide requirements relevant to the performance, operation, testing, safety considerations, and maintenance of the interconnection. Also included are general requirements, response to abnormal conditions, power quality, islanding, and test specifications and requirements for design, production, installation evaluation, commissioning, and periodic tests. The stated requirements are universally needed for interconnection of DER, including synchronous machines, induction machines, or power inverters/converters and will be sufficient for most installations. The criteria and requirements are applicable to all DER technologies interconnected to EPSs at typical primary and/or secondary distribution voltages. Installation of DER on radial primary and secondary distribution systems is a main emphasis, although installation of DERs on primary and secondary network distribution systems is considered.

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The Global Power System Transformation (G-PST) Consortium

The Global Power System Transformation (G-PST) Consortium, an expert and practitioner-driven initiative, engages key power system operators, research and educational institutions, governments, businesses, and stakeholders in all regions of the world to accelerate clean energy transitions at the ambitious scope and scale that is required. The G-PST Consortium provides coordinated, holistic end-to-end support and knowledge infusion for system operators pursuing clean energy transitions, including performing cutting edge research, providing implementation support for world-class engineering and operational solutions; supporting workforce development; building and disseminating open-access data and tools; and accelerating localized technology adoption, standards development, and testing programs.

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