About IEEE SA Membership
Information on the benefits of membership and how to join the IEEE SA.

Registration Authority: OUI, MAC or Ethernet Address, & other registries
The commonly most asked questions about our registries and how they are used.

Standards Development

Disclosures of Affiliation
Helps understand the meaning of Affiliation as defined by the IEEE Standards Board Bylaws,

Public Review
IEEE SA Public Review is a part of IEEE’s continuing support of open standards development.

PARs, the PAR Form & Continuous Processing
Addresses questions about the PAR, the committee that approves PARs, and the new methods to process PARS outside of the traditional, four-times-a-year meeting schedule.

The Working Group Development Process
Assists in helping understand how the working group process is supposed to function.

The Entity Standards Development Process
Learn about using the IEEE Standards Association’s time-tested, equitable Entity Process to develop industry-relevant standards.

Copyright and Copyright Permission
Information on using copyrighted material in your IEEE standard, or if you want to use material from IEEE standards in your document.

Understanding Patent Issues During IEEE Standards Development (PDF)
Helps you understand patent issues during IEEE standards development.

The Role of External Representatives
Learn more about ERs, their roles and responsibilities, and how they are appointed.

The IEEE SA Balloting Service (myBallot) and Ballot Group Formation
Information about myBallot™, the web-based system providing access to IEEE standards balloting tools and information as well as the rules associated with forming a standards balloting group.

Mandatory Coordination
What you want to know about the role of coordination when balloting your IEEE draft standard.

Maintenance of IEEE Standards
Information on changes that have been made to maintenance process for IEEE standards.

Recirculating a Standard
All about the IEEE Standards ballot recirculation process for draft standards.

Submitting a Draft Standard for Approval
What’s needed to submit a draft standard for approval by the IEEE SA Standards Board.

Sharing of Drafts by IEEE Standards Working Groups
Addresses questions on how working groups can share drafts.

Dominance and Signs of Potential Dominance
Addresses questions about the IEEE definition of Dominance, signs of potential dominance, how to discourage dominant behavior, and what to do if one becomes aware of potential dominance.

Normative References
Provides information about normative references, describes the criteria that must be met, and outlines requirements with regard to commercial terms in normative references.

Leadership Training
About the training available for working group chairs in standards development.

Concentration Banking and Financial Reporting
How the program works, enrolling, managing your account, as well as why and when an L50-S form needs to be filled out.

Taggant System CA RFP (PDF)
Help in filling out the IEEE Software Taggant System Certificate Authority Request For Proposals.

Augmented Reality
Provides a concise reference point for IEEE Standards related to Augmented Reality (AR).

IEEE SA Conformity Assessment Program (ICAP)
Learn how ICAP develops and implements programs that couple standard development activities with conformity assessment activities.

IEEE SA Distributor Program
Addresses some questions about the Distributor Program.

Answers to questions about the Awards Nomination process.


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