IEEE SA Entity Membership FAQs

IEEE SA Entity Membership Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about using the IEEE Standards Association’s entity membership and time-tested, equitable entity standards-development process to develop industry-relevant standards.

Why join IEEE SA as an entity?

IEEE SA members are the driving force behind the development of standards, providing technical expertise and innovation, global participation, and dedication to ongoing advancement and promotion of new concepts.

IEEE SA entity membership enables entities to create industry standards in IEEE using one-entity, one-vote principles through their designated representative. Entity membership also connects entities with IEEE’s network of industry experts from a wide range of technical areas.

Who is eligible for IEEE SA entity membership?

As defined in IEEE SA Standards Board Bylaws, clause, IEEE SA entity membership is open to corporations, government agencies, trade associations, user groups, academic institutions, nonprofit and industry associations, and other entities.

Entities that want to actively participate in standards development (for example, participation in a standards working group, an IEEE SA entity-based Industry Connections program, or an IEEE SA standards balloting group) must be IEEE SA entity members.

How do I obtain IEEE SA entity membership for my organization?

To obtain IEEE SA entity membership, complete the IEEE SA Entity Membership Application.

What is the entity method of IEEE standards development?

In the entity method, standards are developed by IEEE SA entity member representative participants who have been appointed by an entity to represent that entity and act on its behalf in the working group. Such representatives may participate in IEEE standards development activities and take action based upon instruction from the entity that appointed them.

Every entity participating in an IEEE SA entity standards working group is required to be an entity member of IEEE SA to become a working group member or hold voting privileges. Entity non-members may observe IEEE SA entity standards working group meetings. See subclause of the IEEE SA Standards Board Bylaws for more information.

Can individual and entity members participate in the same IEEE SA ballot?

No, IEEE SA balloting is either individual-based or entity-based.

How can the entity I am affiliated with participate in an IEEE SA entity-based working group if another division of the entity already has IEEE SA entity membership?

IEEE SA staff will help to coordinate communication between participants in that entity to resolve the issue. Questions concerning an entity’s IEEE SA entity membership can be directed to [email protected].

How can entity working groups bring in specific technical expertise to help create their entity standard?

Entity working groups may allow individuals to attend meetings to offer specific technical expertise from non-voting positions at up to three entity standards working group meetings per project during the standards development process. Further information can be found in the IEEE SA Standards Board Bylaws, subclause

Can a consultant be paid by an IEEE SA entity member to represent the entity member in an IEEE SA entity-based working group?

Yes, as long as full disclosure is made to the working group in accordance with IEEE SA SASB Operations Manual, subclause, “disclosure of affiliation.”

How can entity non-members obtain information about IEEE SA entity-based working groups?

Entity-based working groups may use the public area of their website to share needed information with those who may wish to begin participation in the working group. Questions concerning entity-based working groups can be directed to [email protected].

What if I have further questions about IEEE SA entity membership?

Please direct further questions about IEEE SA entity membership to [email protected].

What if I want to cancel my IEEE SA entity membership?

IEEE SA entity members may cancel their membership at any time by informing the IEEE SA membership program administrator at [email protected].

IEEE SA entity membership shall continue until the end of its existing membership period and shall terminate at the completion of that period. The IEEE SA entity member will not be invoiced after cancellation.

IEEE SA reserves the right to terminate entity memberships for any charges 90 or more days overdue without notice. Once an IEEE SA entity membership is terminated, all privileges will be suspended.

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