IEEE SA Individual Membership FAQs

IEEE SA Individual Membership Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about using the IEEE Standards Association’s individual membership and the time-tested, equitable individual standards-development process to develop technically respected standards.

Why join the IEEE SA as an individual, and how do I do so?

IEEE SA members are the driving force behind the development of standards, providing technical expertise and innovation, global participation, and dedication to ongoing advancement and promotion of new concepts.

Membership enables you to contribute to and influence this important work while connecting you with a network of industry experts from a wide range of technical areas.

Joining the IEEE SA as an individual is easy through our website.

What is the difference between IEEE membership and IEEE SA individual membership?

IEEE membership provides access to cutting-edge information, networking opportunities, and exclusive member benefits. IEEE helps build a platform to introduce technology careers to young people around the world.

The IEEE SA is an activity area of IEEE focused on the development of internationally recognized standards. IEEE SA individual membership enables you to have direct influence on the outcome of standards projects through balloting privileges and ongoing involvement and participation.

Who is eligible for IEEE SA individual membership?

Individuals, including IEEE members of any grade, IEEE Society affiliates, or non-IEEE members who are actively involved in standards development, are eligible for IEEE SA individual membership.

Are there dues to become an IEEE SA individual member?

Yes, the amount depends on which type of membership you choose. Visit our membership area to see the most up-to-date pricing and to apply for membership.

Do IEEE Life Members have to pay dues to join the IEEE SA?

IEEE Life Members are required to pay dues to join the IEEE SA. After paying IEEE SA individual dues for five years, they do not have to pay any longer.

As an IEEE SA individual member, do I gain access to IEEE standards or receive a discount on standards-related products?

IEEE SA membership does not give you access to standards or standards drafts, although it does entitle you to a discount on the purchase of standards and standards-related products.

The cost of the standard is payment for intellectual property as well as the time and resources contributed to the facilitation of the standard’s development. Member discounts are listed with regular pricing in the IEEE Standards Store.

For access to standards drafts, please query the working group directly for permission to view their drafts. To find out more about a particular working group, you can search the IEEE database through its website.

Do I have to be an IEEE SA individual member to participate in a working group or to ballot on a developing standard?

Participation in individual-based standards development is open to everyone, but as an IEEE SA member you can lead groups and ballot on an unlimited number of developing standards. If you prefer not to join the IEEE SA standards development community, then you pay a per-ballot fee to ballot.

Can IEEE SA individual and entity members ballot on the same standards projects?

No, IEEE standards development including balloting is either individual-based or entity-based.

How can I be sure that I will be included in the ballots I am interested in?

Once you have submitted your IEEE SA individual membership application and have received your member number, you can log into the myProject system to begin participating. Within the myProject system, select all the invitation pools that you are interested in and eligible for.

Once a standards project is ready to form a balloting group, you will be sent an invitation to ballot. At that time, you can decide whether you wish to ballot on that project or not. Ballots that are already in progress cannot add additional balloters.

What are my voting privileges for the annual election for IEEE SA governance?

IEEE SA individual members who also are IEEE voting members may vote for the IEEE SA President, IEEE SA President-Elect, and for the eight IEEE SA Board of Governors Members-at-Large.

IEEE SA individual members who are NOT IEEE voting members may vote for the eight IEEE SA Board of Governors Members-at-Large.

How do I change my contact information?

You can manage, update, or change your contact information online through IEEE.

Is my membership information used for outside solicitation?

No, the IEEE SA does not and will not use membership information for non-IEEE SA solicitation. The IEEE SA will, from time to time, send important information about new programming in IEEE standards development in order to maximize the value of your membership.

Problems with solicitation should be directed to IEEE Member Services, +1 800 678 4333 (US); +1 732 981 0060 (worldwide), or via email.

Can I renew my IEEE SA individual membership at the same time as my IEEE and/or society memberships?

Yes. When prompted for renewal, please indicate which memberships you plan on renewing at that time. If you experience trouble renewing for any reason, contact IEEE Member Services directly at +1 800 678 4333 (US); +1 732 981 0060 (worldwide), or via email.

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