The Working Group Development Process

The Working Group Development Process

Assists in helping understand how the working group process is supposed to function.

I am a new working group chair and will be developing a new/revised IEEE standard/recommended practice/guide. How do I get started?

In order to begin the development process you will need to complete a PAR (Project Authorization Request) form in the myProject system.

Can the working group work on a standards project even if the PAR has not been approved yet?

Yes, the IEEE SA Standards Board Operations Manual states that the PAR shall be submitted within six months of the initiation of the standards project.

Is there any special format that the standard should follow?

The IEEE SA Standards Board Style Manual gives all the necessary information on the structure of the standard. If you’re just starting to develop your standard, there are templates available in several word processing formats. The style manual and templates are available in the myProject system.

What is a Standards Committee?

Standards Committee can be a Technical Committee within an IEEE Society, a Standards Committee of an IEEE Society, or other organizations as approved by the IEEE Standards Board.

We are in the process of revising a standard, can we obtain an electronic version of the standard?

Yes, the IEEE Standards Department can provide you with an electronic version of the standard. Contact your IEEE Standards Program Manager to obtain an electronic version.

What if I have additional questions about the working group development process?

Each Society/Technical Committee/Standards Committee is assigned a Staff Liaison. The Staff Liaison is your main point of contact and can help you as questions arise.

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