Initiating the Standards Development Process

Initiating the Standards Development Process

Assists in understanding how the standards development process is initiated.

I am interested in developing a new IEEE standard/recommended practice/guide. How do I get started?

To begin the development process you will need to complete a PAR (Project Authorization Request) form in the myProject system. For new IEEE Standards, an IEEE SA Standards Committee will first need to be identified. A Standards Committee will need to accept the oversight of the proposed project. IEEE SA membership is required to submit a PAR.

What is a Standards Committee?

A Standards Committee is the body that oversees the standards development activity within their scope of work. For a current list of Standards Committees and their approved scopes, please see Accepted IEEE Standards Committee Procedures. Please see IEEE SASB Bylaws, Clause 5.2.2 for more information.

Can the working group begin work on drafting a standard even if the PAR has not been approved yet?

Prior to PAR approval, no work shall be done on the draft standard. Please contact your IEEE SA Staff Program Manager for further guidance on pre-PAR activity.

Is there any special format that the draft standard should follow?

The IEEE SA Standards Board Style Manual gives necessary information on the structure of the standard. If you’re just starting to develop your standard, there are IEEE SA approved templates available in several word processing formats. The style manual and templates are available on the IEEE SA website. For additional information on the drafting process please see the IEEE SA Editorial Guidance Hub.

We are in the process of revising a standard, can the Working Group obtain an electronic version of the standard?

Yes, the IEEE Standards staff can provide you with an electronic version of the standard. Contact your IEEE Standards Program Manager to obtain an electronic version.

What if I have additional questions about the working group’s standards development process?

Each Society/Technical Committee/Standards Committee is assigned a staff Program Manager. The Program Manager is your main point of contact and can help you as questions arise. Click here to find your Program Manager.

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