Balloting Service & Ballot Group Formation

The IEEE SA Balloting Service & Ballot Group Formation

Information about myBallot™, a web-based system providing access to IEEE standards balloting tools & information as well as the rules associated with forming a standards balloting group.

What is difference between myProject and myBallot?

myProject is an electronic, web-based standards development system incorporating a growing number of automated products and services featuring, most notably, “myBallot,” a 24/7, fully automated balloting system. myBallot, one of the automated services of myProject, is an electronic, web-based standards related balloting system and service, providing users continuous access (24/7) to a robust collection of balloting tools and related information.

The service allows for online voting and comment submission based on predetermined policy and procedures facilitating the development of global industry standards.

Why do I need an IEEE Account and how do I get one?

An IEEE Account is required to access myProject/myBallot. IEEE Accounts provide access to a variety of IEEE online services. You can create an account and retrieve your login information on the IEEE website.

Can I access myBallot directly without logging onto myProject?

No. Access to myBallot is only available through the myProject system.

Does the myBallot system use email alerts to remind me of balloting actions?

Yes, myBallot has several email notification options including reminders.

How do I join an Activity Area in myBallot? Who is in the Activity Area?

Activity Areas are made up of standards developers, reviewers and other interested parties who have expressed an interest in the subject matter of that committee, working group or project. A person can join an Activity Area by logging onto the myProject system and clicking the link for “Manage Activity Profile.” An Activity Profile is composed of Activity Areas, customized by the individual setting it up.

Once you have joined an Activity Area, you will receive email notifications when ballot groups are being formed.

How do I enroll in a ballot group using the myBallot system?

During the open ballot group formation period, you can log onto myBallot and enroll in a ballot group by clicking on “Show/Join Open Ballot Invitations.”

To join, simply check the “join” box (under the “Actions” column) and choose your interest category. If you are not an SA Member, you will need to pay a per-ballot fee or join the IEEE SA to participate in balloting.

How do I submit a vote and/or comment using the myBallot system?

If you are an official member of the ballot group, you can submit your vote and comments through the myBallot system while the ballot period is open. If you are not a member of the ballot group, although you cannot vote, your comments can be submitted directly to the chair for consideration.

How can I view the progress of a specific ballot project using the myBallot system?

Everyone can view the progress of a ballot. However, access to the ballot project depends on your role in relation to the ballot project.

If you are a chair or designee of a specific project, you can see the history of your project through “Manage Sponsor Ballot Activity” (if the project is in the ballot stage); or “View Invitation Summary” (if your project is in the invitation stage).

If your access is as a voter who is part of the balloting group, you can view the ballot progress through “View All IEEE Ballot & Invitation History” or “Manage myBallot Activity.”

If you are a guest (or a voter who is not part of the balloting group), you can view the ballot progress through “View All IEEE Ballot & Invitation History.”

When is a project ready for a SA Ballot? How do I start this process?

A project is ready for a SA Ballot when it has completed its working group (or technical committee) development. After the SA Ballot process is complete, the Standards Committee will move the process toward final review and approval.

When the Standards Committee is ready to form the ballot group, the Standards Committee starts the ballot invitation process by clicking “Submit Invitation Request” within myBallot. A designated IEEE Program Manager will then review and approve the invitation request. Once approved, the invitation period opens and ballot group formation begins.

What is an invitation?

An invitation is a process by which SA Balloting groups are formed. Through this process, an announcement (invitation) of the formation of a ballot group is sent to individuals who signed up for “Activity Areas” associated with the subject matter of the forthcoming sponsor ballot.

The invitation process helps to filter out individuals who might not respond to the ballot announcement (due to lack of technical expertise or interest), and helps assure that the ballot will receive the required 75% return rate.

How long does the invitation process take?

The invitation period usually stays open for 30 days. However this is at the discretion of the Standards Committee Chair. IEEE rules state that an invitation must remain open for a minimum of 15 days.

There must be at least 10 voters in an individual ballot group and it must be balanced. If the group is not balanced or if additional participants are desired, the Standards Committee can extend the invitation period in the myBallot system.

Can IEEE SA Staff assist me with my SA Ballot?

The IEEE SA Staff can assist you in conducting Standards Committee ballots for your draft documents, and help you form the ballot group through the use of an invitation procedure.

The IEEE SA Staff will review the draft using the “Pre-Ballot Editorial Review” process as well as invitation and ballot requests submitted through the myBallot system to ensure accuracy and completeness.

What documents do I need to prepare to start the ballot in myBallot?
  • For an initial ballot, you will need the draft in PDF format.
  • For the recirculation ballot, you will need the
    • Revised draft in PDF format, including current date and updated draft number, with changes highlighted (preferable) or a summary sheet showing changes made to the last draft.
    • Completed comment resolution in myBallot.
    • Recirculation letter (required) outlining the major changes to the document.
What happens if ballot group members don't respond to the ballot?

A follow-up phone call or email from the Standards Committee is the most effective means of soliciting a response from balloting group members who have not yet voted. To assist in this follow-up, the myBallot system will automatically send reminder emails to those who have not yet voted (14, 7, and 3 days prior to ballot closing), excluding recirculations and all ballots less than 14 days.

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