Leadership Training

Leadership Training

About the training available for working group chairs in standards development.

Is there training available for working group chairs in standards development?

IEEE offers several training programs to aid in standard development. The first is called “Leading a Standards Development Group.” It is a three-hour presentation that can be given in one or two sessions.

They have also developed a series of module presentations on various aspects of standards development, procedures, and programs. These short presentations (approximately 15-30 minutes in length) are an extension of the basic Leadership Training presentation.

What topics and information will be covered in "Leading an IEEE Standards Development Group" training and how will it help me?

The presentation in this program emphasizes good standards development practice, standards management techniques, and the overall IEEE standards development process. It also discusses how IEEE relates to other organizations and the legal responsibilities of standards developers.

This course was developed under the direction of the IEEE SA Standards Board with the goal of making the IEEE standards development process more effective and efficient.

A brief outline of the topics covered are:

  • Legal responsibilities
  • IEEE’s relationships with other groups
  • IEEE standards development process
  • Project management techniques
  • Project approval process (NesCom)
  • Conducting a successful ballot
  • Draft standard approval process (RevCom)
  • Editing and publishing and much more.

After growing through the training, you will understand the legal need for openness and consensus and ensure due process, learn how and when to submit PARs and drafts, know how to handle copyrighted material and trademarks, and have a better understanding of the IEEE approval process.

Who is "Leading an IEEE Standards Development Group" intended for?

Leaders of IEEE standards development groups are encouraged to sign up for this program. However, the course is open to everyone involved in the IEEE Standards program.

How will it help committees?

As a working group or committee works through the different aspects of the IEEE standards approval process, questions often come up. These modules will help to clear up any misconceptions standards developers may have and enable smooth standards development. The module presentations will provide the “tools” and information standards developers need to achieve the goal of producing and making available crucial standards in a timely manner.

Who gives the presentations and how is this arranged?

A committee officer can give a presentation by following the notes available with each presentation. Modifications may be made to tailor a presentation to the needs of a particular committee; however, the IEEE copyright label should not appear on any modified transparency.

An IEEE Standards staff person, such as a staff liaison or editor, might give a module presentation to a committee upon request, if appropriate arrangements can be made.

What if I want more information on "Leading an IEEE Standards Development Group" or the Leadership Training Program presentations?

Contact your IEEE SA staff liaison for any additional questions you may have.

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