The Entity Standards Development Process FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About The Entity Standards Development Process

Why does the IEEE SA entity standards development process require paid entity membership for participation when the IEEE SA individual standards development process does not?

The entity membership program is designed as an organization-based process with membership dues that are comparable to other standards development organizations. Membership dues are assessed as an annual fee and support project management and administrative functions for entity involvement in the IEEE standards development process.

If an observer wants to obtain entity membership to participate as a voting member in an IEEE SA entity standards working group, but another division in the company originally purchased entity membership, what can be done?

IEEE SA staff will help to coordinate communication between participants in that company to resolve the issue.

How can entity working groups bring in specific technical expertise to help create their entity standard?

Entity working groups may allow individuals to attend meetings to offer specific technical expertise from non-voting positions at up to three entity standards working group meetings per project during the standards development process. Further information can be found in the IEEE SA Standards Board Bylaws, clause

Can an IEEE SA entity member pay a consultant to represent the organization in an entity working group?

Yes, as long as full disclosure is made to the working group by the consultant as the entity member’s Designated Representative.

Is there an entity working group web page or email reflectors available to non-members?

Entity working groups may use an IEEE-provided web page or a non-member email reflector to share information with those who wish to participate in the working group. To find an IEEE SA working group web page, search with the project number on the IEEE SA website. The web page will have contact information for the IEEE SA Program Manager, who will be able to share further details about that working group.

Are there baseline procedures for how IEEE SA entity-based working groups should operate?
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