IEEE SA Membership for Individuals

IEEE SA Individual Membership is designed for individuals and independent professionals interested in participating in standards development with IEEE SA. Membership is not a requirement for participation, yet it enables participants to ballot on standards and assume leadership roles in standards working groups.

Individual projects follow a set path from concept to completion; adhering to principles of due process, openness, and consensus building. These principles allow for equity and fair play, so that there is no domination in the development process. Individual participants act based on their qualifications and experience and cannot represent or act on behalf of an entity.

Should you wish to represent an entity or organization, please learn more about IEEE SA Membership for Organizations.

Individual Membership offers a number of engagement opportunities, access to IEEE SA Standards community programs, leadership eligibility and value-added benefits including:

  • Engage in an unlimited number of individual-based standards projects
  • Ballot on unlimited number of individual-based standards projects
  • Initiate new individual projects
  • Assume leadership positions on individual working groups
  • Ability to vote for members-at-large of the IEEE SA Board of Governors
  • Receive IEEE SA Newsletter
  • Discounts on the purchase of IEEE Standards
  • Access to the digital version of IEEE Electrification Magazine

2024 Individual Membership Dues

Membership Type Annual Dues
Current IEEE Member US $66
Current IEEE Society Member US $66
IEEE SA Only Membership US $297
Current IEEE Member in Developing Nation (PDF) US $33
Current IEEE Society Member in Developing Nation US $33
IEEE SA Only Membership in Developing Nation US $132
Current IEEE Student Member US $26

What would you like to do next?

Many individual-based standards working groups welcome the participation of non-members. You can contribute your ideas and help to create the standard. You can even make use of our myProject™ system to indicate interest in a specific project.

*Please note that you will not be eligible to ballot on the standard or hold any type of leadership role in the working group until you become a member.


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