05 September 2019

IEEE SA Standards Board Approvals

5 September 2019

New PARs

  • P2839 (BOG/CAG) Recommended Practice for Vital Computer for Rail Safety-related Application
  • P802.1ABdh (C/LM) Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks – Station and Media Access Control Connectivity Discovery Amendment: Support for Multiframe Protocol Data Units
  • P802.1Qdj (C/LM) Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks – Bridges and Bridged Networks Amendment: Configuration Enhancements for Time-Sensitive Networking
  • P802.3cv (C/LM) Standard for Ethernet Amendment: Maintenance #15: Power over Ethernet
  • P2807.1 (C/SAB) Standard for Technical Requirements and Evaluation of Knowledge Graphs
  • P2830 (C/SAB) Standard for Technical Framework and Requirements of Shared Machine Learning
  • P2840 (C/SAB) Standard for Responsible AI Licensing
  • P2841 (C/SAB) Framework and Process for Deep Learning Evaluation
  • P2842 (C/SAB) Recommended Practice for Secure Multi-party Computation
  • P2888.1 (C/SAB) Specification of Sensor Interface for Cyber and Physical World
  • P2823 (CES/SC) Standard for System Architecture and Technical Requirements for Smart Speakers
  • P2843 (CES/SC) Standard for Measuring Accessibility Experience and Compliance
  • P2834 (EDU/SC) Standard for Secure and Trusted Learning Systems
  • P11073-40101 (EMB/11073) Health informatics – Device interoperability – Part 40101: Cybersecurity – Processes for vulnerability assessment
  • P11073-40102 (EMB/11073) Health informatics – Device interoperability – Part 40102: Cybersecurity – Capabilities for Mitigation
  • P61886.2 (IAS/PCI) Subsea Power Transformers
  • P2822 (MTT/SCC) Recommended Practice for Microwave, Millimeter-wave and THz On-Wafer Calibrations, De-Embedding and Measurements
  • P1679.4 (PE/ESSB) Guide for the characterization and evaluation of alkaline batteries in stationary applications
  • P2836 (PE/ESSB) Recommended Practice for Performance Testing of Electrical Energy Storage (EES) System in Electric Charging Stations in Combination with Photovoltaic (PV)
  • P2825 (PE/SUB) Guide for Static Synchronous Series Compensator (SSSC) General Requirements and Test Methods
  • P2829 (PE/SUB) Guide for Handling Non-Sulphur Hexafluoride (SF6) Gas Mixtures for High Voltage Equipment
  • P2824 (PE/T&D) Guide for Testing Mechanical Acoustic Imaging of High Voltage Reactors
  • P2828 (PE/T&D) Guide for Measuring Method of Overhead Power Transmission Line Galloping Based on Monocular Video
  • P2831 (PE/T&D) Recommended Practice for Distributed Traveling Wave Fault Location Device for High Voltage Direct Current Transmission (HVDC) Transmission Lines
  • P2832 (PE/T&D) Guide for Control and Protection System test of Hybrid Multi-terminal High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) Systems
  • P2833 (PE/T&D) Guide for Overhead Transmission Lines with Composite-Insulated-Crossarm Supports
  • P2837 (PE/T&D) Guide for Technical Requirements for Hybrid High-Voltage Direct-Current Transmission Protection and Control Equipment
  • PC57.170 (PE/TR) Guide for the Condition Assessment of Liquid Immersed Transformers, Reactors and Their Components
  • P2067 (PHO/SC) Fiber Optic Sensors – Fiber Bragg Grating Interrogator Standard – Terminology and Definitions
  • P1547a (SASB/SCC21) Standard for Interconnection and Interoperability of Distributed Energy Resources with Associated Electric Power Systems Interfaces Amendment to IEEE Std 1547-2018 to provide more flexibility for adoption of abnormal operating performance Category III

PARs for the Revision of Standards

  • P802.15.9 (C/LM) Standard for Transport of Key Management Protocol (KMP) Datagrams
  • P1484.11.2 (C/LT) Standard for Learning Technology – ECMAScript Application Programming Interface for Content to Runtime Services Communication
  • P1484.12.1 (C/LT) Standard for Learning Object Metadata
  • P1003.1 (C/PA) Standard for Information Technology–Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX(R)) Base Specifications, Issue 8
  • P14764 (C/S2ESC) Software Engineering – Software Life Cycle Processes – Maintenance
  • P24774 (C/S2ESC) Guide — Adoption of ISO/IEC TR 24474:2010 Systems and Systems and software engineering — Life cycle management — Process description
  • P1149.7 (C/TT) Standard for Reduced-Pin and Enhanced-Functionality Test Access Port and Boundary-Scan Architecture
  • P1500 (C/TT) Standard Testability Method for Embedded Core-based Integrated Circuits
  • P286 (PE/EM) Recommended Practice for Measurement of Power Factor Tip-Up of Electric Machinery Stator Coil Insulation
  • P535 (PE/ESSB) Standard for Qualification of Class 1E Vented Lead Acid Storage Batteries for Nuclear Power Generating Stations
  • P383 (PE/NPE) Standard for Qualifying Electric Cables and Splices for Nuclear Facilities
  • P387 (PE/NPE) Standard for Criteria for Diesel Generator Units Applied as Standby Power Supplies for Nuclear Power Generating Stations
  • PC37.99 (PE/PSRC) Guide for the Protection of Shunt Capacitor Banks
  • PC37.109 (PE/PSRC) Guide for the Protection of Shunt Reactors
  • PC37.122.3 (PE/SUB) Guide for Sulphur Hexafluoride (SF6) Gas Handling for High-Voltage (over 1000 Vac) Equipment
  • PC37.123 (PE/SUB) Guide for Specifications for High-Voltage Gas-Insulated Substations Rated Above 52 kV
  • PC37.13 (PE/SWG) Standard for Low-Voltage AC (1058 V and Below) Power Circuit Breakers Used in Enclosures
  • P1547.3 (SASB/SCC21) Guide for Cybersecurity of Distributed Energy Resources Interconnected with Electric Power Systems

Modified PARs

  • P21840 (C/S2ESC) Systems and software engineering — Guidelines for the utilization of ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288 in the context of system of systems (S0S)
  • P1900.5.2a (COM/DySPAN-SC) Standard Method for Modeling Spectrum Consumption – Amendment: Adding JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) and XML Schema Definition (XSD) and Validation Rules
  • P1349 (IAS/PCI) Guide for the Application of Electric Machines in Zone 2 and Class I, Division 2 Hazardous (Classified) Locations

Withdrawn PARs

  • P1394 (C/MSC) Standard for a High-Performance Serial Bus
  • P1723.1 (C/S2ESC) Open Group Standard SOA Reference Architecture
  • P1723.2 (C/S2ESC) The Reference Architecture Foundation for Service Oriented Architecture Version 1.0
  • P11073-10424 (EMB/11073) Health Informatics – Personal Health Device Communication – Part 10424: Device Specialization – Sleep Apnoea Breathing Therapy Equipment (SABTE)

New Standards

  • 3004.11 (IAS/I&CPS) IEEE Draft Recommended Practice for Bus and Switchgear Protection in Industrial and Commercial Power Systems
  • 62582-6 (PE/NPE) IEEE/IEC Draft International Standard – Nuclear Power Plants – Instrumentation and Control Important to Safety – Electrical Equipment Condition Monitoring Methods. Part 6: Insulation Resistance
  • C62.59 (PE/SPDLV) IEEE Draft Standard for Test Methods and Preferred Values for Silicon PN-Junction Clamping Diodes
  • 2745.1 (PE/T&D) IEEE Draft Guide for Technology of Unified Power Flow Controller Using Modular Multilevel Converter: Part 1 Functions
  • 2030.2.1 (SASB/SCC21) IEEE Draft Guide for Design, Operation, and Maintenance of Battery Energy Storage Systems, both Stationary and Mobile, and Applications Integrated with Electric Power Systems
  • C95.1-2019/Cor 1 (SASB/SCC39) IEEE Standard for Safety Levels with Respect to Human Exposure to Electric, Magnetic and Electromagnetic Fields, 0 Hz to 300 GHz – Corrigendum 1
  • 1609.4-2016/Cor 1 (VT/ITS) IEEE Standard for Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments (WAVE) – Multi-Channel Operation – Corrigendum 1: Miscellaneous corrections
  • 1791 (VT/RTSC) IEEE Draft Recommended Practice for Terminology Used for Direct Current Electric Transit Overhead Contact Systems

Revision Standards

  • 1076 (C/DA) IEEE Draft Standard for VHDL Language Reference Manual
  • 802.22 (C/LM) IEEE Draft Standard for Information Technology – Local and Metropolitan Area Networks – Specific Requirements – Part 22: Cognitive Radio Wireless Regional Area Networks (WRAN) Medium Access Control (MAC) and Physical Layer (PHY) Specifications: Policies and Procedures for Operation in the Bands that Allow Spectrum Sharing where the Communications Devices may Opportunistically Operate in the Spectrum of the Primary Service
  • 11073-20601 (EMB/11073) IEEE Draft – Health Informatics – Personal Health Device Communication – Part 20601: Application Profile – Optimized Exchange Protocol
  • 463 (IAS/PCI) IEEE Draft Standard for Electrical Safety Practices in Electrolytic Cell Line Working Zones
  • 627 (PE/NPE) IEEE Draft Standard for Qualification of Equipment Used in Nuclear Facilities
  • 1615 (PE/PSCC) IEEE Draft Recommended Practice for Network Communication in Electric Power Substations
  • 1609.12 (VT/ITS) IEEE Draft Standard for Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments (WAVE)-Identifiers

Standard Withdrawals

  • 14102-2010 (C/S2ESC) IEEE Standard for Adoption of ISO/IEC 14102:2008 Information Technology – Guideline for the Evaluation and Selection of CASE Tools
  • 14471-2010 (C/S2ESC) IEEE Guide for Adoption of ISO/IEC TR 14471:2007 Information Technology – Software Engineering – Guidelines for the Adoption of CASE Tools


  • IC19-007 Pre-Standardization Studies for Indian Language Resources – ICAID
  • IC19-008 Arc Flash Calculator – ICAID

Revised/Renewed ICAIDs

  • IC17-011 Connectivity Harmonization of the Digital Citizen – ICAID
  • IC17-014 Digital Intelligence (DQ) – ICAID

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