P802.1ABdh - Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks - Station and Media Access Control Connectivity Discovery Amendment: Support for Multiframe Protocol Data Units
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The scope of this standard is to define a protocol and management elements, suitable for advertising information to stations attached to the same IEEE 802 LAN, for the purpose of populating physical topology and device discovery management information databases. The protocol facilitates the identification of stations connected by IEEE 802 LANs/MANs, their points of interconnection, and access points for management protocols. This standard defines a protocol that a) Advertises connectivity and management information about the local station to adjacent stations on the same IEEE 802 LAN. b) Receives network management information from adjacent stations on the same IEEE 802 LAN. c) Operates with all IEEE 802 access protocols and network media. d) Establishes a network management information schema and object definitions that are suitable for storing connection information about adjacent stations. e) Provides compatibility with the IETF PTOPO MIB (IETF RFC 2922 [B9]).
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