15 May 2020

IEEE SA Standards Board Approvals

15 May 2020

New PARs

  • P3201 (C/BDL)
    Standard for Blockchain Access Control
  • P3202 (C/BDL)
    Standard for Capability Evaluation Requirements of Blockchain Practitioners
  • P3203 (C/BDL)
    Standard for Blockchain Interoperability Naming Protocol
  • P3204 (C/BDL)
    Standard for Blockchain Interoperability – Cross Chain Transaction Consistency Protocol
  • P3205 (C/BDL)
    Standard for Blockchain Interoperability – Data Authentication and Communication Protocol
  • P3206 (C/BDL)
    Standard for Blockchain-based Digital Asset Classification
  • P3207 (C/BDL)
    Standard for Blockchain-based Digital Asset Identification
  • P3208 (C/BDL)
    Standard for Blockchain-based Digital Asset Exchange Model
  • P3209 (C/BDL)
    Standard for Blockchain Identity Key Management
  • P3210 (C/BDL)
    Standard for Blockchain-based Digital Identity System Framework
  • P3211 (C/BDL)
    Standard for Blockchain-based Electronic Evidence Interface Specification
  • P3214 (C/BDL)
    Standard for Testing Specification of Blockchain Systems
  • P1484.1 (C/LT)
    Guide for Conceptual Model for Learning Technology Systems (CM4LTS)
  • P1484.2 (C/LT)
    Recommended Practice for Integrated Learner Record (ILR)
  • P1484.20.2 (C/LT)
    Recommended Practices for Defining Competencies
  • P2881 (C/LT)
    Standard for Learning Metadata
  • P3001.3 (IAS/ICPS/SDC)
    Recommended Practice for the Design of Industrial and Commercial Power Systems: Voltage Considerations
  • P2880 (PE/SWG)
    Standard for High Voltage Direct Current Circuit Breakers Above 3200 VDC
  • P1609.20 (VT/ITS)
    Recommended practice for extending the functionality of IEEE Std 1609.2

PARs for the Revision of Standards

  • P1619.2 (C/CPSC)
    Standard for Wide-Block Encryption for Shared Storage Media
  • P15026-2 (C/S2ESC)
    Systems and software engineering–Systems and software assurance–Part 2: Assurance case
  • P807 (PE/ED&PG)
    Recommended Practice for Unique Identification in Hydroelectric Facilities
  • P1187 (PE/ESSB)
    Recommended Practice for Installation Design and Installation of Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid Batteries for Stationary Applications
  • P1635 (PE/ESSB)
    Guide for the Ventilation and Thermal Management of Batteries for Stationary Applications
  • PC62.92.4 (PE/SPDHV)
    Guide for the Application of Neutral Grounding in Electrical Utility Systems–Part IV: Distribution
  • P1782 (PE/T&D)
    Guide for Collecting, Categorizing, and Utilizing Information Related to Electric Power Distributionudbc0udc01 Interruption Events
  • P1609.2 (VT/ITS)
    Standard for Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments–Security Services for Applications and Management Messages
  • P1653.1 (VT/RTSC)
    Standard for Traction Power Rectifier Transformers for Substation Applications up to 1500 V DC Nominal Output
  • P1 (SASB/SCC04)
    Recommended Practice – General Principles for Temperature Limits in the Rating of Electrical Equipment and for the Evaluation of Electrical Insulation
  • P2030 (SASB/SCC21)
    Guide for Smart Grid Interoperability of Energy Technology and Information Technology Operation with the Electric Power System (EPS), End-Use Applications, and Loads

Modified PARs

  • P802.15.4z (C/LM)
    Standard for Low-Rate Wireless Networks  Amendment: Enhanced Ultra Wide-Band (UWB) Physical Layers (PHYs) and Associated Ranging Techniques
  • P2830 (C/SAB)
    Standard for Technical Framework and Requirements of Trusted Execution Environment based Shared Machine Learning

New Standards

  • C57.32a (PE/TR)
    IEEE Standard for Requirements, Terminology, and Test Procedure for Neutral Grounding Devices Amendment: Neutral Grounding Resistors Section (AM)- Amendment 1
  • 2746 (PE/T&D)
    IEEE Guide for Evaluating AC Interference on Linear Facilities Co-Located Near Transmission Lines

Revision Standards

  • 802.15.4 (C/LM)
    IEEE Standard for Low-Rate Wireless Networks
  • 485 (PE/ESSB)
    IEEE Recommended Practice for Sizing Lead-Acid Batteries for Stationary Applications
  • C62.11 (PE/SPDHV)
    IEEE Standard for Metal-Oxide Surge Arresters for AC Power Circuits (> 1 kV)
  • 1277 (PE/TR)
    IEEE Standard General Requirements and Test Code for Dry-Type and Oil-Immersed Smoothing Reactors and for Dry-Type Converter Reactors for DC Power Transmission

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