24 March 2022

IEEE SA Standards Board Approvals

24 March 2022

New PARs

  • P3157 (C/AISC)
    Recommended Practice for Vulnerability Test for Machine Learning Models for Computer Vision Applications
  • P3222 (C/BDL)
    Standard for the Reference Architecture of Blockchain as a Service
  • P3223 (C/BDL)
    Standard for the Reference Architecture of Blockchain Fusion Server
  • P3161 (C/DC)
    Standard for Digital Retina Systems
  • P802.3dg (C/LM)
    Standard for Ethernet
    Amendment: Physical Layer Specifications and Management Parameters for 100 Mb/s Operation and Associated Power Delivery over a Single Balanced Pair of Conductors
  • P3158 (C/SAB)
    Standard for Trusted Data Matrix System Architecture
  • P2418.11 (IES/IES)
    Framework for Use of Distributed Ledger Technology in Security of Electronic Voting (e-Voting) Systems
  • P1349-2021/Cor 1 (IAS/PCI)
    Guide for the Application of Electric Machines in Zone 2 and Class I, Division 2 Hazardous (Classified) Locations – Corrigendum 1
  • P2030.103 (PE/PSCC)
    Standard for Universal Utility Data Exchange (UUDEX)
  • PC37.86 (PE/SWG)
    Guide for Internet of Things (IoT) Switchgear Terminals (52 kV and below)
  • PC57.13.10 (PE/TR)
    Guide for Calibration of Energized Current Transformers for 34.5 kV and Below
  • P2899.1 (BOG/CAG)
    Standard for Speech Recognition and Interaction System for Smart Home – Engineering Specifications for a Listening Room
  • P2899.2 (BOG/CAG)
    Standard for Speech Recognition and Interaction System for Smart Home – Safety Requirements for Speech Control
  • P2899.3 (BOG/CAG)
    Standard for Speech Recognition and Interaction System for Smart Home – Collection Requirements of Corpus and Noise for Laboratory-Level Testing
  • P2977 (BOG/CAG)
    Adoption of the MIPI A-PHY Specification Version 1.1
  • P3300 (BOG/CAG)
    Adoption of Moving Picture, Audio and Data Coding by Artificial Intelligence (MPAI) Technical Specification Multimodal Conversation Version 1.1
  • P3162 (SPS/SASC)
    Standard for Synthetic Aperture Channel Sounding Measurements
  • P3159 (SASB/SCC31)
    Guide for Online Evaluation Method of Electricity Meter Operating Error Based on Power Consumption Data Collection and Access

PARs for the Revision of Standards

  • P1849 (CIS/SC)
    Standard for eXtensible Event Stream (XES) for Achieving Interoperability in Event Logs and Event Streams
  • P802 (C/LM)
    Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks: Overview and Architecture
  • P24748-2 (C/S2ESC)
    International Standard – Systems and software engineering -Life cycle management – Part 2: Guidelines for the application of ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288 (System life cycle processes)
  • P1687 (C/TT)
    Standard for Access and Control of Instrumentation Embedded within a Semiconductor Device
  • P1662 (IAS/PCI)
    Recommended Practice for the Design and Application of Power Electronics in Electrical Power Systems
  • P810 (PE/EDPG)
    Standard for Hydraulic Turbine and Generator Shaft Couplings and Shaft Runout Tolerances
  • P1205 (PE/NPE)
    Guide for Assessing, Monitoring, and Mitigating Aging Effects on Electrical Equipment Used in Nuclear Power Generating Stations and Other Nuclear Facilities
  • PC37.119 (PE/PSRCC)
    Guide for Power System Circuit Breaker Failure Protection
  • P1402 (PE/SUB)
    Recommended Practice for Physical Security of Electric Power Substations
  • PC37.24 (PE/SWG)
    Guide for Evaluating the Effect of Solar Radiation on Outdoor Switchgear
  • PC57.13 (PE/TR)
    Standard Requirements for Instrument Transformers
  • PC57.130 (PE/TR)
    Guide for the Use of Dissolved Gas Analysis Applied to Factory Temperature Rise Tests for the Evaluation of Mineral Oil-Immersed Transformers and Reactors
  • PC57.139 (PE/TR)
    Guide for the Interpretation of Gases generated in Liquid-Type Load Tap Changers
  • P1547 (SASB/SCC21)
    Standard for Interconnection and Interoperability of Distributed Energy Resources with Associated Electric Power Systems Interfaces

Modified PARs

  • P3333.1.4 (C/SAB)
    Recommended Practice for the Quality Assessment of Light Field Imaging
  • PC37.012 (PE/SWG)
    Guide for the Application of Capacitive Current Switching for AC High-Voltage Circuit Breakers Above 1000 V
  • P1547.9 (SASB/SCC21)
    Guide to Using IEEE Standard 1547 for Interconnection of Energy Storage Distributed Energy Resources with Electric Power Systems

New Standards

  • 1924.1-2022 (COM/GreenICT-SC)
    IEEE Draft Recommended practice for developing energy efficient power-proportional digital architectures
  • 2418.10-2022 (CTS/BSC)
    IEEE Standard for Blockchain-based Digital Asset Management
  • 2621.1-2022 (EMB/Stds Com)
    IEEE Standard for Wireless Diabetes Device Security Assurance Evaluation–Connected Electronic Product Security Evaluation Programs
  • 2621.2-2022 (EMB/Stds Com)
    IEEE Standard for Wireless Diabetes Device Security–Information Security Requirements for Connected Diabetes Solutions
  • 2621.3-2022 (EMB/Stds Com)
    IEEE Recommended Practice for Wireless Diabetes Device Security – Use of Mobile Devices in Diabetes Control Contexts
  • 2819-2022 (PE/T&D)
    IEEE Recommended Practice for Measuring Method of Electromagnetic Environment for the Corridor of High-voltage Overhead Power Transmission Lines in Parallel Mixed with Alternating Current and Direct Current
  • 2871-2022 (PE/T&D)
    IEEE Standard for Wedge-shaped Groove Clamps
  • 2846-2022 (VT/ITS)
    Standard for Assumptions in Safety-Related Models for Automated Driving Systems
  • 2753-2022 (VT/RTSC)
    IEEE Guide for the Measurement of Pantograph Off-Line and Evaluation of Current Collection Performance for High Speed Railway

Revised Standards

  • 1184-2022 (PE/ESSB)
    IEEE Guide for Batteries for Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems
  • 741-2022 (PE/NPE)
    IEEE Standard for Criteria for the Protection of Class 1E Power Systems and Equipment in Nuclear Power Generating Stations
  • 1609.2.1-2022 (VT/ITS)
    IEEE Standard for Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments (WAVE) – Certificate Management Interfaces for End Entities

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