09 November 2021

IEEE SA Standards Board Approvals

9 November 2021

New PARs

  • P3123 (C/AISC)
    Standard for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) Terminology and Data Formats
  • P3127 (C/AISC)
    Guide for an Architectural Framework for Blockchain-based Federated Machine Learning
  • P3128 (C/AISC)
    Recommended Practice for The Evaluation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Dialogue System Capabilities
  • P3129 (C/AISC)
    Standard for Robustness Testing and Evaluation of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based Image Recognition Service
  • P3122 (C/DC)
    Standard for Data Processing and Compression Framework for Internet of Things
  • P1484.20.3 (C/LT)
    Standard Data Model for Sharable Competency Definitions
  • P2807.6 (C/LT)
    Guide for K-12 Educational Knowledge Graphs
  • P3120 (C/MSC)
    Standard for Quantum Computing Architecture
  • P3121 (C/SM)
    Standard for Non-intrusive State Monitoring Framework for Embedded Devices in Industrial Control Systems (ICSs)
  • P3132 (PE/T&D)
    Guide for Application of Spacers and Spacer Dampers on Bundled Conductors
  • P3133 (PE/T&D)
    Guide for Direct Current (DC) Ice-Melting Technology of Overhead Transmission Lines
  • P3134 (PE/T&D)
    Guide for Drawing Regional Icing Maps for Overhead Transmission Lines
  • P7010.1 (SSIT/SC)
    Recommended Practice for Environmental Social Governance (ESG) and Social Development Goal (SDG) Action Implementation and Advancing Corporate Social Responsibility
  • P3130 (VT/ITS)
    Standard for Security Requirements and Testing Methods of Operating Systems in Connected Vehicles

PARs for the Revision of Standards

  • P2010 (EMB/Stds Com)
    Recommended Practice for Neurofeedback Systems
  • P1729 (PE/AMPS)
    Recommended Practice for Electric Power Distribution System Analysis
  • P1036 (PE/T&D)
    Guide for the Application of Shunt Power Capacitors
  • P1829 (PE/T&D)
    Guide for Conducting Corona Tests on Hardware for Overhead Transmission Lines and Substations
  • P1628 (VT/RTSC)
    Recommended Practice for Maintenance of Direct Current (DC) Overhead Contact Systems for Transit Systems
  • P1377 (SASB/SCC31)
    Standard for Utility Industry Metering Communication Protocol Application Layer (End Device Data Tables)
  • P1701 (SASB/SCC31)
    Standard for Optical Port Communication Protocol to Complement the Utility Industry End Device Data Tables
  • P1702 (SASB/SCC31)
    Standard for Telephone Modem Communication Protocol to Complement the Utility Industry End Device Data Tables
  • P1703 (SASB/SCC31)
    Standard for Local Area Network/Wide Area Network (LAN/WAN) Node Communication Protocol to Complement the Utility Industry End Device Data Tables

Modified PARs

Withdrawn PARs

  • P1484.20.1 (C/LT)
    Standard for Learning Technology-Data Model for Reusable Competency Definitions
  • P7006 (C/S2ESC)
    Standard for Personal Data Artificial Intelligence (AI) Agent
  • P11073-10428 (EMB/11073)
    Health Informatics — Device Interoperability — Part 10428: Personal Health Device Communication — Device Specialization – Electronic Stethoscope

New Standards

  • 1936.1-2021 (COM/AccessCore-SC)
    IEEE Standard for Drone Applications Framework
  • 2847-2021 (COM/PLC)
    IEEE Standard for DC Power Transmission and Communication to DC Loads
  • 1857.10-2021 (C/DC)
    IEEE Standard for Third Generation Video Coding
  • 1857.9-2021 (C/DC)
    IEEE Standard for Immersive Visual Content Coding
  • 2089-2021 (CTS/ETSC)
    IEEE Standard for an Age Appropriate Digital Services Framework Based on the 5Rights Principles for Children
  • 2861-2021 (CTS/ETSC)
    IEEE Standard for Mobile Gaming Performance Evaluation and Optimization
  • 80005-1a-2021 (IAS/PCI)
    IEC/IEEE International Standard – Utility Connections in Port — Part 1: High Voltage Shore Connection (HVSC) Systems — General Requirements Amendment 1 to IEC/IEEE 80005-1 ED2
  • 1770-2021 (MTT/SCC)
    IEEE Recommended Practice for the Usage of Terms Commonly Employed in the Field of Large-Signal Vector Network Analysis
  • 2411-2021 (PE/NPE)
    IEEE Guide for Human Factors Engineering for the Validation of System Designs and Integrated Systems Operations at Nuclear Facilities
  • C37.120-2021 (PE/PSRCC)
    IEEE Guide for Protection System Redundancy for Power System Reliability
  • 2771-2021 (PE/SPDHV)
    IEEE Guide for Parameter Configuration of Arcing Horns of DC Earth Electrode Lines
  • C37.016-2018/Cor 1-2021 (PE/SWG)
    IEEE Standard for AC High Voltage Circuit Switchers Rated 15.5 kV through 245 kV – Corrigendum 1
  • 2030.10-2021 (PE/T&D)
    IEEE Standard for DC Microgrids for Rural and Remote Electricity Access Applications

Revised Standards

  • 1722.1-2021 (C/MSC)
    IEEE Standard for Device Discovery, Connection Management, and Control Protocol for Time-Sensitive Networking Systems
  • 1580-2021 (IAS/PCI)
    IEEE Recommended Practice for Marine Cable for Use on Shipboard and Fixed or Floating Facilities
  • 1407-2021 (PE/IC)
    IEEE Guide for Accelerated Aging Tests for 5 kV to 46 kV Extruded Electric Power Cables Using Water-Filled Tanks
  • C37.234-2021 (PE/PSRCC)
    IEEE Guide for Protective Relay Applications to Power System Buses
  • C37.235-2021 (PE/PSRCC)
    IEEE Guide for the Application of Rogowski Coils Used for Protective Relaying Purposes
  • C57.12.00-2021 (PE/TR)
    IEEE Standard for General Requirements for Liquid-Immersed Distribution, Power, and Regulating Transformers
  • C57.12.90-2021 (PE/TR)
    IEEE Standard Test Code for Liquid-Immersed Distribution, Power, and Regulating Transformers
  • C57.18.10-2021 (PE/TR)
    IEEE Standard Practices and Requirements for Semiconductor Power Rectifier Transformers
  • 2030.1.1-2021 (VT/ITS)
    IEEE Standard Technical Specifications of a DC Quick and Bi-directional Charger for Use with Electric Vehicles
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