12 May 2016, 15 May 2016

IEEE SA Standards Board Approvals

12/15 May 2016

New PARs

  • P802.3-2015/Cor 1 (C/LM) Standard for Ethernet – Corrigendum 1: Multilane Timestamping
  • P802.3cc (C/LM) Standard for Ethernet Amendment: Physical Layer and Management Parameters for Serial 25 Gb/s Ethernet Operation Over Single-Mode Fiber
  • P802.3cd (C/LM) Standard for Ethernet Amendment: Media Access Control Parameters for 50 Gb/s and Physical Layers and Management Parameters for 50 Gb/s, 100 Gb/s, and 200 Gb/s Operation
  • P802.15.4v (C/LM) Standard for Low-Rate Wireless Networks Amendment: Enabling/Updating the Use of Regional Sub-GHz Bands
  • P802.15.12 (C/LM) Upper Layer Interface (ULI) for IEEE 802.15.4 Low-Rate Wireless Networks
  • P11073-10316 (EMB/11073) Trial-Use Health Informatics – Point-of-Care Medical Device Communication – Device Specialization – Dialysis Device
  • P11073-20601a (EMB/11073) Health Informatics–Personal Health Device Communication – Part 20601: Application Profile- Optimized Exchange Protocol Amendment 1
  • P2421 (PE/NPE) Guide for Designing and Developing Computer-Based Displays for Monitoring and Control of Nuclear Facilities
  • P2425 (PE/NPE) Standard for Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing of Electrical and Instrumentation and Control Equipment at Nuclear Power Generating Stations and Other Nuclear Facilities
  • PC93.3 (PE/PSC) Standard for the Requirements for Power-Line Carrier Line Traps (30-500 kHz)
  • P2680 (PE/SUB) Recommended Practice for Databases Used in Utility Automation Systems
  • P62271-37-013-2015/Cor 1 (PE/SWG) IEEE/IEC International Standard for High-Voltage Switchgear and Controlgear — Part 37-013: Alternating-Current Generator Circuit-Breakers – Corrigendum 1: Corrigendum 1
  • P1609.2a (VT/ITS) Standard for Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments–Security Services for Applications and Management Messages Amendment – Certificate Management
  • P2020 (VT/ITS) Standard for Automotive System Image Quality
  • P2690 (VT/ITS) Standard for Charging Network Management Protocol for Electric Vehicle Charging Systems

PARs for the Revision of Standards

  • P1801(C/DA) Standard for Design and Verification of Low Power, Energy Aware Electronic Systems
  • P802.1AX (C/LM) Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks — Link Aggregation
  • P16326 (C/S2ESC) ISO/IEC/IEEE International Standard Systems and Software Engineering–Life Cycle Processes–Project Management
  • P2700 (EDS/MEMS) Standard for Sensor Performance Parameter Definitions
  • P1234 (PE/IC) Guide for Fault Locating Techniques on Shielded Power Cable Systems
  • P450 (PE/SB) Recommended Practice for Maintenance, Testing, and Replacement of Vented Lead-Acid Batteries for Stationary Applications
  • P18 (PE/T&D) Standard for Shunt Power Capacitors
  • P1542 (PE/T&D) Guide for Installation, Maintenance, and Operation of Irrigation Equipment Located Near or Under Power Lines
  • PC57.12.01 (PE/TR) Standard for General Requirements for Dry-Type Distribution and Power Transformers
  • P99 (SASB/SCC04) Recommended Practice for the Preparation of Test Procedures for the Thermal Evaluation of Insulation Systems for Electrical Equipment

Modified PARs

  • P802.3bs (C/LM) Standard for Ethernet Amendment: Media Access Control Parameters, Physical Layers and Management Parameters for 200 Gb/s and 400 Gb/s Operation
  • P802.3bt (C/LM) Standard for Ethernet Amendment: Physical Layer and Management Parameters for DTE Power via MDI over 4-Pair
  • P11073-10427 (EMB/11073) Health Informatics – Personal Health Device Communication – Device Specialization – Power Status Monitor of Personal Health Devices
  • P1307 (PE/T&D) Standard for Fall Protection for Utility Work

New Standards

  • 2030.6 (BOG/CAG) IEEE Guide for the Benefit Evaluation of Electric Power Grid Customer Demand Response
  • 2404 (BOG/CAG) IEEE Standard for Power Plant De-Nitrogen Oxide (DeNOx) Plate-Type Catalyst
  • 80005-2 (IAS/PCI) IEC/IEEE International Standard – Utility Connections in Port – Part 2: High and Low Voltage Shore Connection (HVSC) Systems – Data Communication for Monitoring and Control
  • 2400 (IM/MPS) IEEE Standard of Wind Turbine Aero Acoustic Noise Measurement Techniques
  • 1785.3 (MTT/SCC) IEEE Recommended Practice for Rectangular Metallic Waveguides and Their Interfaces for Frequencies of 110 GHz and Above Part 3: Recommendations for Performance and Uncertainty Specifications
  • 61850-9-3 (PE/PSR) IEC/IEEE Communication Networks and Systems for Power Utility Automation – Part 9-3: Precision Time Protocol Profile for Power Utility Automation
  • C37.122.4 (PE/SUB) IEEE Guide for Application and User Guide for Gas-Insulated Transmission Lines (GIL), Rated 72.5 kV and Above
  • C57.159 (PE/TR) IEEE Guide on Transformers for Application in Distributed Photovoltaic (DPV) Power Generation Systems

Revision Standards

  • 802.15.3 (C/LM) IEEE Standard for High Data Rate Wireless Multi-Media Networks
  • 1012 (C/S2ESC) IEEE Standard for System, Software and Hardware Verification and Validation
  • 421.5 (PE/ED&PG) IEEE Recommended Practice for Excitation System Models for Power System Stability Studies
  • 497 (PE/NPE) IEEE Standard Criteria for Accident Monitoring Instrumentation for Nuclear Power Generating Stations
  • C37.119 (PE/PSR) IEEE Guide for Breaker Failure Protection of Power Circuit Breakers 1
  • C62.36 (PE/SPDLV) IEEE Standard for Test Methods for Surge Protectors and Protective Circuits Used in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Circuits, Including Smart Grid Data Circuits
  • C37.45 (PE/SWG) IEEE Standard Design Tests and Specifications for High Voltage (> 1000 V) Distribution Class Enclosed Single-Pole Air Switches

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