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IEEE 2755.1-2019

IEEE Guide for Taxonomy for Intelligent Process Automation Product Features and Functionality

Utilizing terminology as established in IEEE Std 2755-2017, defined and classified in this guide are approximately 150 features and functions across five core areas of technology capability in the family of new technology products collectively referred to as Intelligent Process Automation. This guide is published to create clarity for individuals involved with Software-Based Intelligent Process Automation products so that industry participants may rely on a product manufacturer's functionality claims and understand the underlying technological methods used to produce those functions and how one might approach evaluating the relative sophistication and importance of each function or feature. This guide represents the consensus of a diverse panel of industry participants.

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BOG/CAG - Entity Collaborative Activities Governance Board
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IEEE SA Board of Governors
Sponsor Committee
BOG/CAG - Entity Collaborative Activities Governance Board
Working Group
IPA - Intelligent Process Automation
IEEE Program Manager
Soo Kim
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Working Group Chair
Robert Coulter

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IEEE Guide for Terms and Concepts in Intelligent Process Automation

An all new family of software based intelligent process automation technologies has emerged recently. Because of the newness of this kind of automation capability, there are no common definitions of concepts, capabilities, terms, technology, types, etc. This standard is published for the purpose of promoting clarity and consistency in the use of Software Based Intelligent Process Automation (SBIPA) terminology. The definitions represent the consensus of a diverse panel of industry participants.

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IEEE Recommended Practice for Implementation and Management Methodology for Software-Based Intelligent Process Automation

Provided in this recommended practice is a comprehensive methodology for technology domain exploration, development of strategy, technology evaluation, implementation, management, operations, program optimization, and successful enterprise scaling for IPA programs while utilizing terminology as established in IEEE Std 2755™-2017 and technology taxonomy as established in IEEE Std 2755.1™-2019. This recommended practice is a compilation of best practices from industry leaders on the proven methods from the initial discovery and exploration of the transformative capabilities of IPA technology through to developing and running an enterprise-wide program.

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