Review Committee (RevCom) Submittal Guide

IEEE SA Standards Board Working Guide for Submittal of Proposed Standards

This guide aids in the submittal of a document to RevCom for approval consideration as an IEEE standard.

Refer to the Standards Board Operations Manual and the RevCom Conventions for additional information. Submittal deadlines can be found within in the Standards Board Meeting Schedule.

Submittal Documentation

Most submittal documentation exists in myBallot/myProject and does not need to be submitted by the Standards Committee. This includes:

  • PAR (Project Authorization Request)
  • Ballot summaries
  • Comment resolution by the Standards Committee
  • Mandatory coordination responses
    If submitted outside the myBallot, those emails still need to be submitted

Form for Submittal of Proposed Standards

The Form for Submittal of Proposed Standards shall be completed by a person designated by the Standards Committee to act on its behalf.

Please provide all of the information requested, as this form is utilized by RevCom in determining compliance with required procedures.

Copyright Permission Releases

The Standards Committee obtains all necessary copyright permission releases, if applicable, needed to incorporate figures or text from copyrighted documents into the proposed standard.

The written release(s) should be included with the submittal, if they had not been submitted previously. All releases should incorporate the language and requirements outlined in the sample letters within the IEEE Standards Style Manual (PDF).

Electronic Source Files of the Last Balloted Draft

An electronic source file of the complete last balloted draft shall be submitted. Identify the format used to create the document (e.g. MS Word, FrameMaker). Figures should be submitted as separate files and labeled Fig1, Fig2 and so on. Preferred formats are .wmf, ,eps, and .tiff, or editable graphics embedded in FrameMaker files. If no other alternative exists, GIF and JPEG formats are acceptable. RevCom will review the draft as balloted.

Working Group Roster

Names of the members of the working group or subcommittee that developed the document being submitted shall be included as they will appear in the published standard. If incorporated into the document, it’s not necessary to send a separate list.

Notification Why Comments Associated with a Negative Vote were not Recirculated

Comments associated with a negative vote that have not been shown to the balloting group via a recirculation ballot, a notification should be sent to each commenter explaining on a comment-by-comment basis why they do not require recirculation. These notices shall be submitted to RevCom.

Reasons why a comment associated with a negative vote does not require recirculation include the following:

  • Comment is not related to the project/standard being balloted
  • Comment is on material that is not open to comment during a particular round of balloting
  • Comment is a restatement of a previous comment that has already been recirculated

Other Relevant Informationsuch as emails from negative balloters confirming a change of their vote or mandatory coordination emails

If a negative balloter changes their vote to approve or abstain outside of the balloting system, copies of the written confirmation shall be included in the RevCom submittal. If mandatory coordination was conducted outside of the balloting system, coordination emails shall be submitted. Other relevant materials may be submitted as needed.

NOTE: Conditional submittals — RevCom will consider reviewing a submittal if a recirculation ballot is in progress at the specified submittal deadline, provided the recirculated draft and all submittal documentation except required materials related to the in-progress recirculation are submitted by the submittal deadline. There shall be no negative votes on new issues, but additional negatives on prior issues are allowed provided the 75% approval rate required is achieved. See RevCom Conventions for more details.

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