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All individuals should have universal access to sustainable quality of life. The IEEE SA Healthcare and Life Sciences Practice is a global platform of excellence bringing together committed volunteer stakeholders to evaluate, validate, and develop solutions for establishing trust in new technology applications that will afford the right to safety, security and protection of life. The practice is focused on three main priority areas – clinical health, bio/pharmaceutical value chain, and wellness – designed to address the obstacles to universal and sustainable quality of care for all individuals.

Our Focus: Three Critical Branches of the Health Care Ecosystem

The practice will focus on new technology applications addressing market challenges in three critical branches of the healthcare ecosystem that will have transformative effect through the entire value chain. Through the development of global community of champions and advocates for commercial collaboration, build consensus, and develop solutions in the form of standardization, certification programs, and test/training labs, and other outcomes for establishing trust in the use of these new technologies. Technologies of reference include but are not limited to Blockchain/Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs), biosensors/IoMTs, connected wireless medical devices, 5G, cybersecurity, robotics, AI/ML, VR/AR, open source, and more.

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An Optimized and Efficient Drug Development and Distribution System

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Clinical Health

Patient-Centered Approach to Health Care

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Combating the Unexpected while Protecting the Most Vulnerable

Core Perspectives

Open Collaboration

Volunteer stakeholders champion groups of like-minded stakeholders around the globe to participate in the development of standardization to drive viable technology adoption.


Solutions should eliminate uncertainty surrounding responsible and validated use of the technologies.


The patient’s right to privacy and consent of their data will be at the forefront.


Enabling solutions to protect patient’s safety and privacy at every phase of their care journey.


Reducing the barriers to make technologies and better outcomes accessible to all.

Pursuit of Excellence

Committed to make a lasting impact for better health outcomes for all.

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