Re-Think Health Podcast Series

Understanding New Tools and Approaches for Better Health Outcomes

The IEEE SA Voice Re-Think Health Podcast is an interview-style podcast where global healthcare stakeholders– technologists, researchers, clinicians, patient advocates, regulators, and more– re-think the approach to healthcare, from therapeutic discovery through bedside practice, utilizing new technologies and applications. The new frontiers of health tech have to be pragmatic, responsible and trusted to deliver optimal patient outcomes with security, privacy, and sustainable equitable access to quality care for all individuals. Welcome to the conversation!

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Season 4

Telehealth's Quantum Leap into Patient-Centered Care

As a result of the global pandemic, telehealth has become a more comfortable tool for healthcare delivery. The reality is that the way we see telehealth today will look very different tomorrow with more technological innovations and new approaches to administering health beyond the hospital walls. Still, more importantly, it will need to be patient-centered.

Season 4 features conversations with the rising innovators, researchers, policy stewards, clinicians, and industry leaders discussing solutions on accessibility, integration, security, inclusivity, and the other necessary ingredients to migrate the future of healthcare to a patient-centered continuum of care.

Season 4

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Season 3

AI for Good Medicine

How do we envision artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), or any other deep learning technology delivering good medicine for all? The healthcare industry cannot embrace the next frontier of medicine if it is not pragmatic, responsible, and equitably valuable. Can these deep learning technologies make a real and trusted impact on improving outcomes for patients anywhere from drug development to healthcare delivery?

Season 3

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Season 2

Cybersecurity for Connected Healthcare Systems: A Global Perspective

Cybersecurity for connected health devices is top-of-mind as we task experts from around the globe to share ideas on prescriptive approaches to maximizing the benefits of these devices while re-engineering the strategy to better protect patients’ data privacy and security.

Season 2

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Season 1

Pain Points of Integrating New Technologies into an Existing Healthcare Ecosystem

Explore the explosive growth and related challenges of internet-based communication protocols and mobile health devices/apps in clinical research and consumer therapeutics with multi-disciplinary experts in the domain.

Season 1

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About the Host

Maria Palombini

Director, IEEE SA Healthcare & Life Sciences

As the leader of IEEE SA Healthcare & Life Sciences, Maria works with a global community of multi-disciplinary stakeholder volunteers who are committed to establishing trust and validation in tools and technologies that will change the approach from supply-driven to patient-driven quality of care for all. Her work advocates for a patient-centered healthcare system focused on targeted research, accurate diagnosis, and efficacious delivery of care to realize the promise of precision medicine.

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