WAMIII – Virtual Talk Series

The WAMIII virtual talk series will continue to convene and educate the global community of technologists, clinicians, healthcare professionals, regulatory, patient advocates, bio/pharma professionals and any other stakeholder who have a common interest in developing solutions around the safe, responsible and validated use of connected wireless medical devices in, on, and around us.

The WAMIII Virtual Talk Series is a critical educational and outreach program under the Clinical Health Workstream of the IEEE SA Healthcare and Life Science Practice.

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Sessions On-Demand

Browse all of the recorded sessions for the WAMIII Virtual Talk Series, sorted by related topics. All of the sessions provide insight on the latest innovations from Industry experts either by presentations or a moderated panel. Register to gain access to all sessions for free.

The challenges and practical applications of new and emerging trends for sensors used in medical/health/fitness devices.

Critical issues, threats and obstacles in connected wireless medical devices. Learn about various case studies and how to address these challenges.

Accelerating drug development and achieving true patient inclusion by enabling trust and validation of technologies for clinical trials at the home through new industry standards.

Helping to drive technology through a dynamic and diverse collection of interested stakeholders.

Developing responsible solutions for providing the right for patients to consent to share and transact their health data.

Identifying and addressing the opportunities and challenges in regulatory compliance for privacy and security.

Understanding the benefits and need for autonomous robotics, artificial intelligence, robotics, and information engineering to help advance healthcare.

Addressing today’s challenges of remote healthcare delivery to realize the future of mobilized healthcare comprising a robust, private, connected bioinformatics highway.


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