Test Suite Specifications

IEEE Test Suite Specifications (TSS)

IEEE Test Suite Specifications (TSS) provide comprehensive, dependable plans to evaluate standards based compliance. The TSS plans may contain requirements for design, performance, test equipment, measurements, and other specifications that can be used in testing products for eventual certification.

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No need to spend time and resources developing test plans on your own. Get expert insight on ambiguities in the standards, how they should be met, and other information in test plans developed by knowledgeable industry professionals.

TSS Plans are available for the following:

Synchrophasor Measurement TSS - Version 3

The IEEE Synchrophasor Measurement TSS is limited to the testing of phasor measurement unit electrical performance. As of this revision of the TSS, the standard for PMU performance is IEC/IEEE 60255-118-1-2018, IEEE/IEC International Standard-Measuring relays and protection equipment-Part 118-1: Synchrophasor for power systems-Measurements.

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IEEE Synchrophasor Measurement TSS - Plus Version 3

This plus bundle includes: IEEE Synchrophasor Measurement Test Suite Specification-Version 3, IEEE C37.111-2013, IEEE C37.118.2-2011, IEEE C37.233-2009, IEEE C37.242-2013, IEEE C37.244-2013 and IEC/IEEE 60255-118-1-2018.

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Conformity Assessment--IEEE 1547--Interconnection and Interoperability of DERs with EPSs Interfaces

This document is a tool to assess conformance of a Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Interconnection during the commissioning phase of a DER Interconnection to the IEEE 1547 as may be specified in the governing Interconnection Agreement executed between the Area Electric Power System (EPS) Operator and DER Owner.

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Camera Phone Image Quality (CPIQ) Test Suite Specification

This TSS is a testing plan that can be utilized to test camera phone image quality based on the requirements set forth in the IEEE 1858 standard.

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Camera Phone Image Quality (CPIQ) Test Suite Specification

This product provides the CPIQ IEEE 1858 TSS as well as a copy of the IEEE 1858 standard. Additional files for IEEE 1858-2016 can be downloaded at no cost to you and are included when purchased.

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