Data Quality Standards of Electronic Health Records Workgroup

About the Activity

In this activity, we address the health data standards. There is a lack of a common convergence layer that would enable universal application interoperability of Electronic Health Records (EHR).

The goal of this ICAID is to develop recommendations for a proposed family of standards that would address application interoperability to enable more entities (i.e., patients, caregivers, etc.) to have visibility for assessing the accuracy of EHR data thereby delivering higher quality medical records.

Goals of the Activity

The workgroup will have the following goals:

  1. Developing a method to create unique identifiers for each electronic healthcare vendor; thereby, identifying the electronic health record system used to create the electronic health record.
  2. Developing a methodology allowing each electronic health record vendor to create identifiers identifying the healthcare provider responsible for creating the electronic health record.
  3. Introduction of the system to measure the completeness of electronic health records.
  4. Identify parameters for measuring the quality of electronic health records

Getting Involved

Who Should Get Involved

The types of entities involved are as follows:

  • vendors of electronic health records
  • healthcare providers
  • organizations involved in improving healthcare reimbursement process

Meanwhile, the work group will include the following type of individuals:

  • academicians involved in healthcare informatics
  • consultants involved in improving healthcare processes
  • individuals working for healthcare providers and electronic health record vendors

How to Get Involved

To learn more about the activity and how to join, please express your interest by filling out the Data Quality Standards for Medical Records Workgroup interest form.

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