The IEEE Certification Mark

An IEEE certification mark, administered by the IEEE Conformity Assessment Program (ICAP), is globally recognized, accepted, and respected. It is evidence that a product or service conforms to standards or guidelines and is a trusted indicator that it has passed testing, compliance, and other industry-specific requirements.

From Manufacturer to End User

For manufacturers, adherence to industry-adopted conformity assessment can help reduce risk and demonstrate their product adheres to guidelines. An IEEE certification mark helps to establish and further build trust with consumers and can provide a competitive advantage by differentiating their products and services as verified, conforming, and technically competent.

When making purchasing decisions, consumers will more likely select a product that demonstrates it has met certain standards; a mark can ensure that the product has been tested and can help the vetting process with competing products. An IEEE certification mark also includes entry to the ICAP Certification Registry for certified products, allowing end-users an easy and quick resource to find compliant devices.

Snapshot: Benefits of an IEEE Certification Mark

  • IEEE is a trusted and internationally recognized brand
  • The mark helps build trust and credibility
  • The mark shows the product or service has passed testing and is technically stable
  • Conformity assessment helps ensure quality control and testing standards
  • The product and its quality have been independently verified
  • Certification helps remove technical barriers during product deployment and implementation
  • Listing in the authoritative ICAP Certification Registry

Certification in Action

IEEE Medical Device Cybersecurity Certification Program
This program helps medical device developers meet regulatory requirements across the globe through a straightforward evaluation process with a clear definition of scope and test requirements specific to medical devices. Certification includes standardized reporting on testing results, assistance with submission to regulatory bodies, inclusion in the IEEE Medical Device Registry, and the IEEE certification mark; testing is conducted in approved labs using IEEE 2621 Test Plan and Checklists.
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Interconnection of Distributed Energy Resources
Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) such as wind, solar, battery storage, and electric vehicles (EVs) have become a top priority for managing the grid. IEEE certification will indicate to utilities, DER developers, and owners the experience level necessary to commission a DER Interconnection compliant with IEEE 1547-2018. Additional related credentialing training courses are also available.
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IEEE Conformity Assessment Program

For more than 15 years, IEEE has developed conformity programs driven by industry needs. The IEEE Conformity Assessment Program is uniquely positioned to facilitate and administer certification programs that make a tangible impact on trust and confidence, from manufacturing to the end user.

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